How to Write a Complaint to TJC (UK) and Get Compensated

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How to Write a Complaint to TJC (UK) and Get Compensated

TJC, or The Jewelry Channel, is an auction-style home shopping channel and website for a wide variety of jewellery pieces. If you have any due to a bad purchasing experience, fixing the problem can be frustrating. Getting in touch with a customer service representative can be time-consuming enough, even if the first person you talk to can fix your issue. This only gets worse if you need to escalate to a third party or even small claims court.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can help with any customer service problems you might be experiencing. Here’s what you should know about making a complaint to TJC.

How to Make a Complaint to TJC

If there’s a problem with your TJC order and to , the best way to start resolving the issue is to contact the company directly. Some common reasons you might need to do this include:

  1. You never received your order.
  2. You received the wrong item in the post.
  3. Your item was damaged during shipping.

TJC offers multiple ways to get in touch with customer service. You can start with the method that’s most convenient for you. However, if your complaint isn’t resolved right away and you need to escalate, you may need to prove that you contacted the company and when. Using email can help with this.

Ways to Contact TJC Customer Support
EmailSend an email
Phone Number0800-260-6666
Online Contact FormFill Out Form
Mailing AddressTJC Customer Care Team

PO Box 443 Feltham

Middlesex TW13 7HF

1. Online form

Fill out the online form with your contact details, the reason for your message and the message itself. This is a faster way to reach out to them and most customers use this nowadays.

2. Post

If you don’t like calling or going online, you can still send them a letter to the mailing address provided above.

3. Email

Sending an email is another convenient way to send a complaint. You can even attach the files or documents that can backup you complaint easily.

4. Phone

To speak to a customer service representative on the phone, call and select Option 3. Phone service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends and bank holidays.

What to Do if TJC Doesn’t Fix Your Issue

If your problem isn’t resolved promptly, start by following up with the company. Try using a different communication method than the one you used initially. Sometimes this will connect you with a different customer service representative who is more helpful than the person you initially spoke with. If that doesn’t work, you still have several options for getting your money back or finding another solution.


If the company isn’t cooperating with your request for a refund or exchange, you might be able to resolve the problem through your bank or credit card company that you used to pay by filing a chargeback. This essentially has the bank cancel the transaction and refund your money from their end. If you’re looking for a refund, this is usually the easiest option.


Depending on the specifics of your issue and how you paid for your jewelry, you may be able to get help from the Financial Ombudsman Service. For example, if you tried to do a chargeback and your bank wouldn’t allow you to, the Financial Ombudsman Service can help mediate between you and the bank. TJC isn’t associated with any of the other consumer ombudsman services, so going through your bank is probably the best approach.

Small Claims Court

Ultimately, if you cannot resolve your problem any other way, you can take the company to small claims court. If your problem involved a smaller purchase, a court claim might not be worth the effort, but some of TJC’s products are expensive fine jewelry. In England and Wales, you can file your claim for up to £10,000 online. All of these methods can help you fix your issue with TJC, but managing these processes on your own can be stressful.

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