Is the Tiny Fax App Worth Your Time and Money?

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Is the Tiny Fax App the Right Choice for You?

When you need fax services for your business or personal projects, you will review a few options before picking the one(s) for your specific requirements.

The Tiny Fax app can solve some of your faxing needs if you would like to have an option of sending documents on the go.

If you end up wanting more from your fax service, check out DoNotPay—a reliable fax app you can use for faxing from your phone, laptop, or desktop.

What Is the Tiny Fax App?

The Tiny Fax app is a fax product you can use to send documents via your cell phone. Lots of people tend to opt for mobile fax services these days.

If you do not want to depend on your office space and a fax machine in it but would like to send documentation wherever you are, you should consider a fax app. You can access files stored on a cloud drive or your phone and fax them easily.

To access the Tiny Fax app, you will need to give the following permissions:

  • Storage—For storing files on your phone
  • Camera—For using your camera to scan files
  • Contacts—For accessing your contacts when sending faxes
  • Google account—For joining your credits with your Google account

Do You Need a Fax App?

If you or your colleagues spend a lot of time outside, going to meetings, driving, or traveling, a fax app will serve its purpose. We need to keep in touch with clients and family members and sometimes send them documentation safely.

You can use an email or even messaging apps to send a file. These are the fastest and most convenient ways to send photos and files that do not contain sensitive data.

What happens when you must send a contract or medical report that shouldn’t end up in the wrong hands? You will choose between:

Regular (snail) mail
  • Exchange documents securely
  • Receive a return receipt
  • Expensive when mailing abroad
  • Time-consuming
  • Lost or delayed mail
A fax machine
  • Fast and secure transfers
  • Quick delivery confirmation
  • Large amounts of paper
  • Paper jams
  • Ink cartridges
  • Costly maintenance, repairs, and spare parts
  • Office/home access only
  • High costs of faxing to foreign numbers
A fax app
  • Fast and secure document exchange
  • On-the-go availability
  • Instant delivery confirmation
  • Dependent on an internet connection
  • Potentially costly for high volume faxing

If you would like to learn how to fax from your car, home, vacation, office, or a conference, DoNotPay will provide information. offers all these options for convenient yet fast and safe faxing.

Send Faxes With DoNotPay in a Few Clicks

With DoNotPay, you can send faxes to numerous recipients. Regardless of whether it is your business partner, client, doctor, attorney, relative, or friend, you can fax your documents smoothly.

The best feature of DoNotPay’s Fax product is that you do not need to worry about any sensitive information leaking.

Here is how you make it happen:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Locate the Fax feature
  3. Upload a file or snap a photo
  4. Enter the receiving fax number

In a few clicks, you can send a fax from anywhere in the world to any recipient. It is easy, convenient, fast, and safe.

Check Out How Expensive the Tiny Fax App Is

The Tiny Fax app can be a good choice if you work remotely, travel a lot, and do not have access to a traditional fax machine all the time.

You can download the app to your cell phone to send faxes from anywhere. It is less expensive than a traditional fax machine, but be careful if you need to use it regularly and for lots of pages.

The download is free of charge, but you need to purchase credits to use the Tiny Fax app. Their credit system ranges from $2.99 to $49.99. It can be confusing when you need to choose a credit package, so let’s break it down. You will need:

  • 10 credits per page for faxes within the USA and to Canada
  • 15 credits per page for other destinations

Users can choose between several credit packages, including:

  • 50 credits—Five pages for $2.99
  • 250 credits—25 pages for $9.99

The given prices and page numbers are for faxing in the USA or to Canada. It is more expensive for foreign countries.

Still Deciding Between Tiny Fax and DoNotPay?

While you can use the Tiny Fax app on iPhone and Android phones, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you

If you are still mulling over which app to pick, check out the table below for direct comparison:

Tiny Fax AppDoNotPay App
  1. Fax documents from email or other apps
  2. Upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box
  3. Fax photos from the gallery or camera
  4. Access international fax numbers and a list of countries
  5. Keep track of faxes by status
  6. Send 100 pages for at least $25
  1. Fax documents from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer
  2. Send files and images from your gallery, camera, or any other storage
  3. Get a confirmation of receipt
  4. Keep track of faxes from your email
  5. Send 100 pages for a low subscription price
  6. Enjoy the fast and user-friendly interface
  7. Use other DoNotPay’s services within a single subscription, e.g., create a contract, e-sign, and fax it to any recipient smoothly

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