Get Timpsons To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

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Get Timpsons To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

If you're having trouble with the process, allow DoNotPay to assist you. According to UK consumer complaints statistics, a growing number of people are choosing to complain about poor customer service. In particular, the number of annual complaints has spiked in industries such as retail, energy, transportation, financial, insurance, and internet-related businesses.

According to the Institute Of Customer Service (ICS), the January 2022 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) increased by 1.6% from 2021 to 78.84%. Furthermore, the British Ombudsman Service published figures in February 2022 showing that approximately 38 million consumers throughout the UK complained about the quality of services or products in 2021. This means that a complaint was being made every 1.2 seconds give or take. DoNotPay is at the forefront of helping UK consumers deal with issues such as Timpsons complaints.

What Is Timpson and How Many Sub-Brands Does It Manage?

Founded in 1865, Timpson Group is a service retailer with various sub-brands comprising its 2,100 store portfolio. Its subsidiaries include Max Spielmann, Snappy Snaps, Johnsons Cleaners, Jeeves of Belgravia, Flock Inns, and The Watch Lab. Of course, you have Timpson Ltd which is the flagship, with over 1,300 shops located throughout the UK and Ireland. This makes Timpson the largest service retailer in the region.

Timpson Ltd offers a wide range of services that include dry cleaning, watch repairs, shoe repairs, phone repairs, decorative engraving, photo processing, and key duplication. In response to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the organization established Timpson Direct with half of its shops located in out-of-town supermarkets. These shops are primarily modular buildings that facilitate self-service photo printing kiosks and self-service photo ID booths. Timpson Direct also manages the company's website.

How to File Timpsons Complaints on Your Own

Timpson states on its website that it provides its service personnel full training to handle customer issues. You can either file a complaint online or visit the nearest shop location. If you think you placed an order online, Timpson advises reading through its FAQ first to see if your issues have been covered. However, when visiting the FAQ page, very few of the "frequently asked questions" cover what most may consider problems or issues.

To contact a Timpson associate directly, the following options are available:

  1. Fill out a contact form and wait for someone to respond.
  2. Use the website's shop finder to find the nearest location to you.
  3. Visit the Timpson Head Office.
  4. Though not provided on Timpson's official website, you might be able to contact a service representative. Double-check with your phone provider to be sure that those phone numbers are accurate.
Ways to Contact Timpsons Customer Support
Phone Number0121-705-8987 or 0161-946-6200
Online Contact FormFill-Out Form
In-PersonTimpson House, Claverton Road,

Wythenshawe, M23 9TT

Of course, if you're having a hard time resolving your via the aforementioned channels, you could always use the small claims process.

How to Use the Small Claims Process to Resolve Timpsons Complaints

If you have a serious complaint about Timpson or one of its conglomerates and find it difficult to resolve it, UK's small claims court may be capable of assisting. Most contractual consumer issues can be solved using the small claims process. UK small claims courts handle a wide spectrum of complaints. They range from companies that deny responsibility for defective products and/or shoddy services to fighting private car parking firms over unfairly issued parking tickets.

Claim value limits vary depending on where the claimant lives in the UK. For example, in England and Wales, the claim value limit is £10,000. In Northern Ireland, it's £3,000 while in Scotland it's £5,000. Nonetheless, there are a couple of exceptions that could not only affect the claim value limit but whether it can be heard in small claims court:

  • The limit is £1,000 for housing disrepair or personal injury claims.
  • If such claims are considered by a judge to be too complex, a judge could determine that they cannot hear the case. It doesn't matter whether the claim falls within the claim value limit.
  • Pursuing claims outside small claims court will most likely involve a more complex approach. As a result, you will probably need to hire a solicitor to help you prepare your case.
  • It won't only end up costing you more money upfront but the time it takes to resolve these types of cases takes much longer.

To go ahead with the small claims process, follow these steps:

  • Obtain a claim form and other documents that help guide you through the small claims process.
  • Visit the Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service's website for small claims in England and Wales to download these documents. You may also visit your local small claims court office.

Scotland and Northern Ireland Have Different Small Claims Procedures

In Northern Ireland, you can visit the Northern Ireland court's website to begin the claims process. Alternatively, you can pick up an application from the court office, at a local advice centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau, or Trading Standards Office. In Scotland, Simple Procedures (the term for the small claims process in Scotland) can be initiated at the sheriff's court. Claimants are not required to hire a solicitor to do this. The Scottish Courts and Tribunals guide can be accessed online and provides detailed information on how to make a claim. You can take your claim to any court office, or post it to the Civil Processing Centre.

Solve Timpsons Complaints With The Help of DoNotPay

How you can sue someone in three easy steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser and select the Customer Service Issues product.
  2. Enter the company name and case details.
  3. Answer a few simple questions as prompted.
  4. Provide any evidence that will help us build your case.
  5. That's it! DoNotPay will contact Timpson on your behalf, requesting that they resolve your issue.

If you need to expedite the complaint process involving another company, DoNotPay offers the following products:

Get Any Customer Service Issue Resolved With DoNotPay

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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