How to Write a Complaint to Southampton City Council Easily

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How to Write a Complaint to Southampton City Council Easily

If you live in the city of Southampton, in Southern England, then you've been affected by the Southampton City Council. This body is a unitary authority, so they are in charge of all local services in the city. That means they run about 700 different services, including public health, housing, waste collection and disposal, libraries, highways, and many more.

With that many responsibilities, it's easy to imagine that sometimes things go wrong under their watch. What should you do if you have ? We can walk you through the steps to contact them, and ways you can follow up if you run into problems.

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Who Can Make a Complaint to the Southampton City Council?

Are you trying to find the best way to make ? Like any government authority, there are systems in place to ensure you have a voice in how the council is performing. And like any government authority, it can be difficult to navigate those systems and get the response you need. Here's what you need to know.

Who Is Eligible to Complain?

There are two basic categories of people Southampton City Council will hear complaints from.

  1. Any person or organisation who receives or is planning to receive service from the Council or any of its contractors.
  2. Any person who is working on behalf of these individuals, including MPs, Members, Advice Agencies, and advocacy groups.

They will not accept anonymous complaints, unless they are about the abuse of a vulnerable population, such as children, the elderly, or disabled people.

What if You Need Help to Make a Complaint?

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint is allowed to have help and support in the process. The Council will require written, signed consent that gives them the authority to represent them. If you wish to have help with your complaint, the Council recommends choosing one of the following:

  • A friend
  • A relative
  • Trusted neighbour
  • An independent advocacy service

How to File a Complaint Against the Southampton City Council

There are some ways to contact the Council about a complaint, and you are entitled to use the method that is easiest for you.

How to Southampton City Council Customer
Support/FAQ SiteMake a complaint | Southampton City Council
Contact DetailsContact us
  1. Online

Fill out an online form to submit your complaint at.

  1. By Letter

You may send a letter outlining your complaint. To locate the address for the appropriate office, here is a list of the departments and their contact information.

The address may not be listed on the website, but you can find a phone number to call and request the right address.

  1. By Telephone

You can use the same contact information to find the phone number for the right office to take your complaint. You will need to follow the call with written confirmation of your statement.

  1. By Email

You can email your complaints to Southampton's city council through

  1. In-Person

You may also make a complaint in-person to a council employee. Simply go to your nearest Council office.

How to Escalate the Complaint

You should receive a response to your complaint within 20 working days. At that time, you will be sent a formal response letter or email, explaining what will be done. If you're not satisfied with the response, you can escalate the problem to the next level.

  1. Complaints Resolution Team

Included in the information on the formal response will be details about how to contact the Complaints Resolution Team. The manager of the team should acknowledge the complaint within three working days, and respond to it within 20 working days.

If you still haven't got a satisfactory solution, you can move to the next step.

  1. Ombudsman

You have the right to contact an ombudsman about your case. They will act as an impartial third party, and either mediate or evaluate the situation to come up with a solution. Here are the contact details for two of the offices you may wish to deal with.

  1. Social Care and Local Government Ombudsman

  1. Housing Ombudsman

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