The No.1 SMS Verification Service You Need To Know

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How To Choose An SMS Verification Service For Alternate Phone Numbers

With security being more prevalent than ever before, nearly every website and app today requires you to use your phone number to join.

If you’re somebody who prefers to sign up without a phone number, you have your reasons. Requiring your phone number can be a major inconvenience, but there are paid SMS verification services out there designed to solve this ongoing problem for many customers.

How Do SMS Verification Services Benefit Me?

With SMS verification services, you essentially pay for a second phone number, which you would use to sign up for the website or app in question. The company gives the fake phone number app a verification code, which will be passed along to you so you can complete your signup!

SMS verification services come in the form of:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Computer software
  • Hardware, such as a burner phone

An SMS verification service helps avoid signing up your phone number so you can prevent corporations from giving that number to robocallers. Another reason to need SMS verification services is by chance you want or need another account that requires another number.

What Do I Look For In An SMS Code Verification Service?

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking for an SMS verification service. They all work slightly differently from one another, and certain features or lack thereof should be taken into consideration.

Here are the most important factors for picking a service:

PriceYou’d like to pay a reasonable price for the phone number website or app. Don’t just choose the least expensive, however, as you’d like to also be sure the service you get has at least adequate quality.
ConvenienceIn terms of speed, you’d like to get your phone number as well as your validation code in the blink of an eye, any time you need them.
ReliabilityYou’d like to be sure that the phone number you receive not only works, but ends up being untraceable. You’d like to have a service that owns their numbers and can deactivate them after registration.

For obtaining alternate phone numbers, we strongly recommend , as its Burner Phone product checks all these boxes!

What Makes DoNotPay The Best SMS Verification Service?

DoNotPay offers great value to customers who are looking to obtain temporary phone numbers. Here is our 5-step process for each website you register on:

  1. Sign up for and go to the Burner Phone Product.
  2. Enter the name of the service you want a number for, then click on “Create a temporary number”.
  3. Enter the fake phone number when asked by the website and confirm.
  4. Check your phone for the text message containing the verification code. The message will come from DoNotPay.
  5. Enter the verification code to complete your registration!

That’s all there is to it! If you need to bypass phone verification on another site, just repeat this process.

A Look At DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product At A Glance

How does ’s Burner Phone product compare to other fake phone number apps? There are many appealing advantages that make us highly sought after for phone verification:

  • DoNotPay is perfectly affordable to anyone. Pay a low, fixed monthly rate that costs less than other phone number sites and apps.
  • There’s no limit to how many phone numbers you can use! Many sites charge one number at a time, but you can generate many numbers at no added cost!
  • DoNotPay is available on iOS, Android, and web browsers. No matter if you prefer using a phone, laptop, or desktop, you can get your numbers any way you prefer.

What Happens If I Already Registered My Phone Number?

If you have your phone number already registered on a certain app or website, and are not interested in creating another account, some sites will allow you to unlink your phone number so you can use another. Whether this can be done and how ultimately depends on the website or app.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can also work with pre-existing accounts in need of new numbers. So long as you need an SMS number, DoNotPay will relay the code over to your phone every time!

What Else Does DoNotPay Include In Its Monthly Subscription?

In addition to DoNotPay’s Burner Phone product, we also include a selection of resources and services for all our customers. If you’re looking to get verified on additional sites without your phone number, you can also take advantage of our service if you ever need to:

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