File a Complaint Against Serenata Flowers In Less Than 5 Minutes

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File a Complaint Against Serenata Flowers In Less Than 5 Minutes

Were you extremely disappointed with your recent Serenata Flower delivery in the UK? It would seem you are not alone. Recent reviews of Serenata Flowers on Trustpilot ran the gamut from pleased (very few of these) to disappointed, disgusted, terrible, and not deserving any stars in a 1 to 5-star review! 'Caveat EmpThat tor' the Latin phrase which translates to 'Buyer Beware' was mentioned by more than one person writing a 1-star review of which there were many! being said, it would appear that the complaint you are about to file against Serenata Flowers is not going to be the first one. Let's look at this from a business-like and professional point of view. Without being degrading or sarcastic, let's show your in two different ways. The time-consuming and frustrating way, or the fast and easy way by using DoNotPay?

Common Reasons to File a Complaint Against Serenata Flowers

It is rather difficult to find much information about filing a by glancing over their website. There is page after page of reviews from happy satisfied customers. If you dig a bit deeper you will find several scenarios in the FAQ sections regarding;

  • Late or missed deliveries
  • Wrong flowers delivered
  • Orders received and never delivered
  • Flowers delivered to the wrong address/customer

While these issues are reason enough to file a complaint, nowhere on the website is there a place to do so. In these different circumstances, if you have experienced a problem you are urged to use the website's Contact Us form and wait to hear from a customer service representative. Customers that have followed these instructions report that no one ever contacted them even after repeated attempts to do so.

Outsourced Customer Service

If you were to look closely at the Contact Us form you will see that you have been redirected from their website to a third-party customer service platform for handling all customer-related issues. These platforms will look over every call that comes in and prioritize them. Much like a triage nurse or doctor in an emergency room. If you seem to be haemorrhaging cash and anxious to order flowers, Serenata Flowers will see you first! If you are complaining about something you will be moved to the back of the line, or dropped from the queue. That could indeed explain why so many reviews stated the customer never heard back from anyone at Serenata Flowers.

How to Reach Serenata Flowers Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us
FacebookSend A Private Message
Online Contact FormFill Out form

Using Alternative Solutions to File a Complaint Against Serenata Flowers

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is meant to settle any disputes between any two parties without the matter going into a court of law. The government encourages this type of resolution and also encourages companies to continue to develop a more streamlined approach to ADR.

ADR Schemes

  1. Mediation. An independent third party will review all the data and come to a mutually agreeable settlement that is beneficial to both parties involved.
  2. Arbitration. In the arbitration form of ADR, the same third party may review the data and render a one-sided solution that could be binding on one of the parties forcing them to follow up with the other party involved to rectify the whole matter.

Mediation and Arbitration implemented by ADR is referred to as an ADR Scheme. The British government was so impressed by ADR that in 2015 Parliament created the European Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution to allow consumers across Europe access to the ADR Schemes and other resolution services when online shopping experiences go awry.

Complain to an Ombudsman

Disputes among individuals are becoming so prevalent in today's society that there are certain people that make their living by listening to them and deciding which party is at fault and what they need to do to settle the issue. These individuals ar called Ombudsmen they are impartial and will not take sides. These professionals will usually have their own website and they can also be found by name in the Ombudsman Association. They will fall into one of two categories for the issues they will hear.

  1. Private Sector Ombudsman. This is when you need to complain about an unresolved matter with a commercial business. This could be an issue in the communication, energy, financial, or railway industries.
  2. Public Sector Ombudsman. If your complaint is with a government agency such as Local Government, Housing, Prison Systems, or Social Care, the Public Sector Ombudsman will hear you after you have followed the protocol for filing a complaint with him or her.

You would do well to read through this guide to solving consumer problems before contacting an Ombudsman.

Small Claims Court

When you have exhausted all means of reconciling this issue to no avail, consider then and only then taking your opposition into the small claims court proceedings. You will need to provide proof that you have sought a means to an end and all efforts have fallen on deaf ears!

In the UK your monetary amount for suing in small claims court is limited to the following;

  • In England £10,000
  • In Wales £10,000
  • In Scotland £5,000
  • In Northern Ireland £3,000

The good news here is that if you have no other alternative other than small claims court, the team from DoNotPay is the fast, easy, and successful way to proceed!

Here's how!

How to Send Demand Letters To Serenata Flowers in Small Claims Court With DoNotPay

The Contact Us form on the website did nothing. The ADR Schemes and Ombudsman produced no results. Now you have decided to send demand letters to Serenata Flowers in small claims court and you are terrified. Relax, you are going to be surprised how fast and easy this can be with DoNotPay guiding the ship!

A Simple Process You Can Trust!

At DoNotPay taking a party to small claims court is just another day at the office! Our record speaks for itself as we have provided thousands of people just like you with a fast, easy, and successful solution in small claims court. Here's how!

  1. Go to the DoNotPay website and log in, or create your free account.
  2. Go to the Complaints in UK product page
  3. Answer a few basic questions about your situation
  4. Relax, DoNotPay is now hard at work on your behalf constructing a demand letter for Serenata Flowers!

As soon as you have finished up with this step, go have some fun for a change and leave these Serenata Flowers issues with us!

Now That is Impressive! What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Your small claims court issue with Serenata Flowers is not their first time being sued, or our first time in preparing the court documents for you to proceed and ultimately succeed! Take a look at these other companies that you can approach with the same style and grace as this Serenata Flower issue!

With a small amount of your time and the proven track record of DoNotPay, come and see just how easy it can be to settle the score with Serenata Flowers and come out on top!

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