How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Sarpy County

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How to Apply For a Sarpy County Vehicle Registration Renewal

Is your due in a matter of days? Scheduling an appointment with the DMV on renewing your registration online may seem like a viable option, however, it may take a while before you receive your new plate tags. By then you may get pulled over by the traffic police for driving with expired vehicle registration, which is subject to hefty fines.

DoNotPay can help you avoid the last-minute rush and possible traffic violations by helping you renew your vehicle registration in a matter of minutes. Our system is fast, reliable, and provides the quickest means to obtain all kinds of personal documents such as birth certificates, new registration, and license renewal, including driver's license.

How Often Do You Need to Renew Your Car Registration in Sarpy County?

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation and Safety laws, every vehicle should be registered at the Department of Motor vehicles, and the registration renewed every 12 months.

Anyone driving without proper vehicle registration will be deemed to be in violation and subject to a fine or have their vehicle impounded.

What Is the Cost of Renewing a Vehicle Registration in Sarpy County?

Vehicle registration renewal costs in Sarpy County are $30.25 for cars and $33.35 for trucks. Additional fees are applicable depending on your payment method.

  • 3% convenience fee for credit/debit cards
  • $3.00 for e-checks
  • $2.00 minimum for credit/debit cards

How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Sarpy County

You can through:

  1. Renew Your Vehicle Registration Online

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Sarpy County has an online platform where residents can renew their vehicle registration and have the new documents mailed to their home address. To get started:

  • Log in to the Nebraska online vehicle and boat registration portal
  • Upload your current vehicle registration or the notice of renewal
  • Make the payments via credit/debit card
  • Wait 5-7 business days for the new registration details to be mailed to your address

Note that you may not be eligible to renew your vehicle registration online if you meet the following:

  • Your vehicle is above 27 ton in weight
  • Your current registration is expired for over a year
  • You made changes to the information on your current registration
  • Your vehicle has a single-plate registration

In such cases, you can only renew your registration in person by scheduling an appointment with the Nebraska DMV. DoNotPay can help you schedule a DMV appointment fast and easily, without you having to wait for several days to get in touch with a representative from DMV.

  1. Walk In to the Nebraska DMV Offices

In-person vehicle registration renewal is still common practice in Sarpy County. To renew your vehicle registration, walk in to the DMV offices nearest to you with your current registration or renewal notice.

Payments for your vehicle registration can be made via:

  • Cash
  • Credit/debit card
  • Money order
  • Check, payable to the Sarpy County Treasury

Note that the Treasury office operational hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM, Monday through Friday.

For after-hours, you can use the secure drop box located at 1102 Building, outside the East entrance. Payment methods when using the dropbox are either check or money order. DO NOT leave cash in the dropbox.

  1. Renew Your Vehicle Registration via Mail

To renew your Sarpy vehicle registration via mail, send your renewal notice, proof of insurance, check, or money order to the Sarpy County Treasurer's mailing address:

Sarpy County Treasurer

1102 E 1st Street

Papillion NE 68046

Once your documents are received, your new registration will be mailed back to you with 5-7 business days.

Documents Required to Renew a Vehicle Registration

All you need to renew your vehicle registration is:

  • Your current registration (the one about to expire) or your renewal notice
  • A copy of your vehicle insurance tags
  • Proof of payment, i.e receipts, money order, check or e-check

Renew Your Sarpy County Vehicle Registration in Minutes With DoNotPay

Renewing your vehicle registration can take time, especially when you have to wait several days to get your new registration license. In addition, one error in any of your documents can delay the process for weeks, losing you precious time and can risk getting your car impounded.

DoNotPay helps you renew your registration in minutes and have them mailed to you faster than any other means. Should there be any errors, you have a chance to correct them before your details are sent to the DMV, saving you time and energy.

If you want to renew your car registration using DoNotPay, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the Renew Car Registrations product on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a few questions about your current vehicle, including the license plate number, vehicle identification number, make and model, etc.

  3. Verify your identity with a state driver's license and registration documents.

  4. Decide how long you want to extend the renewal for (if your state offers multiple options)

  5. Pay the registration fee (or let us automatically calculate it if you aren't sure).

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