Easy to Follow Mississippi Car Registration Renewal Guide

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How to Make Your Mississippi Car Registration Renewal Easy

If you drive a car in Mississippi, your car must be registered under your name and address in your current county. Your car registration must be renewed each year near the same time it was renewed the year before. It's very important to stay current on your car registration. I f you fail to renew your car registration by the expiration date, you face the likelihood of getting a ticket and/or having to pay hefty fines.

The process of registering your car through the DMV in Mississippi can sometimes be unclear or frustrating. Long wait times at the DMV can make renewing your car registration a stressful experience. Online registration is not always available, especially if you have recently moved or if the county you live in does not offer online renewal. DoNotPay can make the process of easy and painless by collecting your information and doing the work for you!

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Mississippi

As your registration expiration approaches, you will receive a renewal notice in the mail. You will need to save this notice to renew your registration. There are a few options for . They include:

  1. Renewing your tags online through the Mississippi State Department of Revenue. Each county has its own website for you to use the online renewal option. You must search for information regarding registration in each individual county as there is currently not a streamlined process for the whole state. If your county is not listed on the website, it is not currently offering online registration renewal.
  2. Renewing your tags in person at your county DMV. There are multiple DMVs located throughout Mississippi where you can renew your tags in person. You will need to bring your renewal notice and a form of payment.
  3. Renewing your tags by mail. You can send in your renewal notice and payment to the address specified on the notice. Keep in mind that this option takes much longer than the previous two. If your renewal expiration is close, this option could lead to having to pay penalty fees if your tags arrive late.

Keep in mind that if you lose your renewal notice, you will be required to renew in person. This can be frustrating because the hours of the DMV tend to coincide with a regular working day, and going during off hours almost guarantees long wait times. The best option is to submit the information on your renewal notice to DoNotPay as soon as you receive it so we can immediately get working on renewing your registration for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Your Car Registration in Mississippi?

The cost of renewing your car registration will depend on a few factors. These include:

  • The make, model, and age of your vehicle
  • The weight of your vehicle
  • The county tax rate
  • The value of your vehicle

Registration fees themselves are $12.75 for renewals and $14.00 for new tags. If you fail to renew on time, there are penalty fees that will be included in your total amount due. Penalty fees start on the 16th day of the month after your registration expires. You will be charged a 5% fee for the first 15 days that you are late, and another 5% for each additional 30 days that your registration renewal is overdue. You can expect to pay up to 25% in penalties if you let your renewal lapse for too long. We understand that staying on top of your car registration renewal can be frustrating, especially if there are obstacles preventing you from easily finishing this task. Fortunately, DoNotPay has a product that can take away the stress of renewal expiration dates. Just sign up for the service, answer a few simple questions, and we 'll do the rest.

Renew Your Car Registration in Mississippi With DoNotPay

Using DoNotPay's new car registration renewal product, you can renew your car registration from the comfort of your home. You'll just need to answer a few questions about your current car, your past registration, your driver's license, etc. Then we will complete the registration renewal process on your behalf! If you want to renew your car registration but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Renew Car Registrations product on DoNotPay.
  2. Answer a few questions about your current vehicle, including the license plate number, vehicle identification number, make and model, etc.
  3. Verify your identity with a state driver's license and registration documents.
  4. Decide how long you want to extend the renewal for (if your state offers multiple options).
  5. Pay the registration fee (or let us automatically calculate it if you aren't sure).

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

In addition to our registration renewal product, we offer several other services that can help you:

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