Request a Rockstar Games RDR2 Refund in No Time

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How To Request a Rockstar Games RDR2 Refund Without a Hitch

Rockstar Games is one of the most popular video game publishers in the U.S. mostly because of its widely popular series Grand Theft Auto but also thanks to games such as Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, etc.

Not satisfied with your Red Dead Redemption II purchase? DoNotPay is here to help you request a refund in no time, and this article will explain how!

Ways To Request a Red Dead Redemption 2 Refund

You have a few options to choose from if you want to ask for an RDR2 refund:

Can You Request a Refund Via










In Person

PlayStation Website


Xbox One Website

Stadia Website


How To Request an RDR2 Refund via Email

To request your Rockstar Games RDR2 refund by email, you should complete the contact form on the company website:

  1. Type in your order number
  2. Provide your email address and verify it
  3. Select Return Order in the Subject field
  4. Describe your issue

Expect an answer regarding the company’s decision and other instructions within 24 hours from submitting the form. You’ll receive the response via email.

Should you have any other issue with Rockstar Games, make sure to rely on DoNotPay and let us help you contact Rockstar customer support representatives in no time.

How To Request an RDR2 Refund on the Rockstar Games Website

You can request a refund on the Rockstar Warehouse website—an online store dedicated to selling video games and merch. Once you sign in to your Social Club account, follow these steps:

  1. Select Orders
  2. Find your Red Dead Redemption 2 order
  3. Click on Request a Refund
  4. Click on Submit

How To Request an RDR2 Refund on the PlayStation Website

If you purchased Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4, you can contact their customer support and ask for a refund:

  1. Go to the PlayStation support page
  2. Click on Request a Refund
  3. Select the Refund Request option
  4. Answer the rest of the chatbot’s questions

Tired of navigating through the website? DoNotPay can help you request a PlayStation refund for any game in a few clicks.

How To Request an RDR2 Refund on the Xbox One Website

You can also contact the Xbox customer support team and ask them about an RDR2 refund.

A more convenient option is to request your Xbox refund with DoNotPay.

How To Request an RDR2 Refund on the Stadia Website

If you purchased Red Dead Redemption 2 through Stadia, contact their customer support agents online and request your refund.

Requesting Your Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Refund Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated—Rely on DoNotPay

Our primary goal is to make your life easier. That’s why DoNotPay strives to provide the most efficient yet simple way of requesting a refund from any company.

Once you complete your refund request, we will send it to your bank immediately. We will also include a letter with all the necessary Visa or Mastercard codes to maximize your chances of winning.

DoNotPay follows the Fair Credit Billing Act rules and collects the evidence on your behalf, including contacting the merchant.

To request your Red Dead Redemption 2 refund from Rockstar Games with us, sign in to your DoNotPay account from a and do the following:

  1. Scroll down to the File a Chargeback section and click on Get Protected
  2. Confirm your account info
  3. Respond to all of the questions
  4. Sign and click on Submit

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A Guide to Understanding the Rockstar Games Refund Policy

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased a product from the Rockstar Warehouse or Rockstar Games Launcher—the Rockstar refund policy covers both platforms.

Rockstar Games will issue a refund if the playtime across all your accounts is not longer than two hours, together with the bonus or free games included in that purchase.

A refund won’t be approved if a digital game or bundle you bought includes:

  • Virtual currency
  • Virtual and physical goods
  • In-game purchases

If you pre-ordered a game, you can request a refund within 14 days of canceling the order. When it comes to physical product purchases, you will have to return them first and then request a refund within two weeks of Rockstar receiving the product.

You will be issued a refund to your credit card. If you didn’t pay for the product or service with your credit card, but you chose another payment method, you will have to provide your bank account info when contacting Rockstar Games.

While shipping is free when you order the product, you will have to pay for it when returning that item. If you want to save money, return the product to the nearest Rockstar Games store.

If the item you returned has been used, damaged, or if you clicked on the download link of the purchased digital game, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

The Rockstar Games refund policy does not cover games that must be redeemed on Steam. In such cases, the Steam refund policy applies, and DoNotPay is here to help if you’re not sure how to refund a game on Steam.

How To Cancel Your Red Dead Redemption 2 Order

To cancel your order of a digital game, service, or physical product, contact Rockstar Games customer support within 14 days of completing your order.

If you purchased a physical item that’s in stock, you can’t cancel the order because it is always processed right after you check out. When it comes to digital services or games, you can only cancel orders purchased in advance.

What Issues To Look Out For When Requesting a Rockstar Games Refund for RDR2?

Since Rockstar Games is a large company that receives hundreds of refund requests every day, you might not receive an answer. That’s why the safest option is to request your Red Dead Redemption 2 refund with DoNotPay.

How Long Do Rockstar Games Refunds Take?

You can expect the funds to appear in your account five to seven days after Rockstar Games receives the product in question or reviews your refund request for digital games.

How To Check Your Rockstar Games Refund Request Status

If you don’t see money in your account after seven to ten days, the only option you have is to contact your bank or credit card issuer. They will tell you what’s blocking the transaction.

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