File a Complaint Against Redrow and Get Compensated

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File a Complaint Against Redrow and Get Compensated

Redrow public limited company is one of the largest housebuilders in the UK. A look at its reviews, and you will see glittering remarks of satisfied customers, appreciative of the work done in their houses. However, the company still receives complaints from customers not pleased with the products. If you have a , we at DoNotPay can help get your case heard. Be it issues with the soundproofing, broken roof slates or burnt-out sockets, we can help you get in touch with Redrow to fix these issues. We can also help you file a complaint with organisations such as Starbucks, Chipotle, CarShield, Virgin Media, BBC, Royal Mail, British gas, Tesco, Ofcom, and Hermes.

How to Contact Redrow to Make a Complaint

You can get in touch with Redrow through the following channels:

Ways to Contact Redrow Customer Support
OnlineCompany website
Phone Number01244-520-044
Mailing AddressSt David's Park Ewloe

Flintshire CH5 3RX


The company advises that you contact your local sales office for matters to do with sales. Still, you can express your other grievances to the customer service team using the above-mentioned avenues. If your complaints have to do with issues covered by your two-year warranty, Redrow requires that you raise them on Homeowner support through My Redrow. When you file a , they designate it to their divisional office but should you remain unsatisfied, the head of the department at the divisional office further looks at your problem.

In case the complaint remains unresolved to your satisfaction, you could request for a review to be completed by the local managing director. In the rare instance that the issue persists, the Regional Executive is tasked with looking at your concerns and sending you a response of the company's final position on the matter. If it comes to this, you will have to seek alternative ways to have your issue addressed by a third party.

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Redrow

Under the consumer code for homebuilders, companies like Redrow must have an internal system to deal with complaints. Still, if you are unhappy with the outcome as a homebuyer, you can contact the Home warranty board no later than a year after Redrow's final response. The warranty body will resolve the complaint under the terms of the warranty or offer you an application form and a raft of adjudication rules so that you can take up the matter with the independent resolution scheme.

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

The centre for effective dispute resolution runs the independent dispute resolution scheme, which can resolve your complaint through adjudication. You can only seek their redress if eight weeks have elapsed since raising the issue with Redrow and no later than a year after Redrow's final response.

Below are the steps involved in dispute resolution

  1. Complete an application form and send it to the independent dispute resolution scheme accompanied by relevant evidence, including the codes you believe were breached by the housebuilder.
  2. The scheme will ask Redrow to respond to your complaint. The homebuilder may opt to remedy the losses by offering an early settlement
  3. If they choose not to, they will submit a response to your complaint. You have the option of responding to the complaint, but you cannot add new complaints.
  4. The adjudicator will then consider both sides of the case and determine whether you suffered financial loss due to Redrow's breach of the consumer code.
  5. You will then receive the adjudicator's determination. If they find Redrow liable, they may issue a performance award that entails repairs to your home, a financial award in monetary compensation, or a combination of the two.
  6. If you accept the financial award, the adjudicator will write to Redrow upon which they are expected to provide the reward within 20 days.
  7. If you refuse the financial award, the court will still consider the adjudicator's decision if you decide to pursue the channel.

Homes Ombudsman

The government recently established the office of the homes ombudsman to, among other things:

  1. Enforce codes of practice for residential properties.
  2. Force builders to make improvements on their constructions.
  3. Provide a way for homeowners to make complaints.

Once it is in place, the ombudsman's office will provide you with a form of redress set out in the legislation if they determine that your complaints are well-founded. The office will also have powers to exclude Homebuilders from the Homes Ombudsman scheme should they find them guilty of contravening the outlined provisions.

Small Claims Court

If you are unhappy with the decisions made thus far, you could pursue the issue further in a small claims court. However, you cannot seek compensation exceeding £10,000 in England and Wales.

What's the Easiest Way to File a Complaint Against Redrow

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