File a Complaint Against PrettyLittleThing & Get Compensated

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File a Complaint Against PrettyLittleThing & Get Compensated

Pretty Little Thing is a fashion staple in the UK. Their low prices and fashionable clothes are very alluring to customers.

But when something goes wrong with your order, getting compensation from Pretty Little Thing may not be easy. Customers on SiteJabber complain that customer service is difficult to communicate with, and may not adequately resolve issues.

If you have a problem with your Pretty Little Thing order, consider making a complaint through DoNotPay. By using DoNotPay's Other Customer Service Issue product, you can be sure of a response from Pretty Little Thing. DoNotPay knows the right words to use and the right contact methods to get results.

Common Customer Service Issues With Pretty Little Thing

Customers on SiteJabber have given Pretty Little Thing a 1.84-star rating out of five.

Some customers have complained of receiving damaged products, and have even posted photo evidence. These customers claim that Pretty Little Thing was unwilling to issue a refund.

Other customers claim that incorrect orders were impossible to fix, saying that the company doesn't respond to email and Facebook correspondence on time.

According to SiteJabber, Pretty Little Thing does not often respond to negative reviews. Some companies try to respond to negative reviews posted online, to fix the issues customers are having, or to share their side of the story.

How to Contact Pretty Little Thing Customer Service

If you want to contact Pretty Little Thing customer service on your own, try one of the following methods:

Pretty Little Thing Support/FAQ SiteContact Page
Pretty Little Thing Phone Number+44 161 713 3371
Pretty Little Thing Social MediaInstagram



Pretty Little Thing Support
  • Chat with their customer service bot
  • Email Pretty Little Thing through their webform
  • Use Facebook Messenger to contact Pretty Little Thing customer service
  • DM Pretty Little Thing on Twitter

Pretty Little Thing does not have a phone number or even an email address readily available for customers on their website.

Some websites, like Pissed Consumer, have numbers available for Pretty Little Thing. One such number is +44 161 713 3371. However, these numbers are provided by customers and not Pretty Little Thing. They may not be active or correct.

These consumer-supplied websites also have email addresses available for Pretty Little Thing customer service. The one posted on Pissed Consumer is

You may have some luck getting in touch with Pretty Little Thing through their preferred contact methods. Alternatively, you could try to find a customer-supplied contact number online.

But there's an easier way to contact Pretty Little Thing customer service. DoNotPay can get in touch with Pretty Little Thing on your behalf, and explain your complaint.

Making a Pretty Little Thing Complaint With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can contact Pretty Little Thing on your behalf, and use the right language to get your complaint heard. Do it all in just four easy steps:

  1. Search for the Other Customer Service Issues product on DoNotPay's homepage
  2. Select your issue type from the multiple-choice options
  3. Enter the name of the company you want DoNotPay to contact. If you're contacting Pretty Little Thing, the name should be sufficient
  4. Use your own words to describe your issue

That's it! Just four steps and your complaint will be on the way to Pretty Little Thing. They're more likely to listen to DoNotPay's message, which will go through the proper channels.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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Complaint to Other Companies

DoNotPay can file a complaint with all of these companies and more:

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Other Services Available

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All of DoNotPay's services are fast, easy, and effective. If you need help filing a , don't worry about research or customer service phone numbers. Just use DoNotPay. The Other Customer Service Issues product will get in touch with Pretty Little Thing through the right method, and use the right language to explain your complaint.

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