Get Plusnet To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

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Get Plusnet To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

Knowing how to file is vital for every client. It ensures that you get high-quality internet services from the company and address all your issues with satisfaction.

Since other complaint avenues may be prone to delays and other uncertainties, DoNotPay makes it easier for you to file your Plusnet complaints regardless of your location. Our product gives you the most convenient and successful way to resolve all your complaints with the company.

How to Contact Plusnet to Make a Complaint

Here is how to get in touch with Plusnet if your broadband connection isn't functioning.

  • Online ticket - you can contact Plusnet via an online ticket that will require you to have a username and password. Thereafter, a member of our team will investigate and get back to you within 5 working days.
  • Through a phone call - It offers the fastest and best way to get in touch with Plusnet customer support. If you have any , contact their customer service, which operates between 8 am - 8 pm.
  • Sending a letter - if you prefer to send a letter, you can channel your issue by writing to the company's address. Remember to include your key details about your account. You can incorporate information such as username, phone number, and postcode. Once the letter is received, the company stipulates that you will get the response within 10 working days. However, it may take longer than that; hence, if your issue is urgent, utilize any of the above approaches.

For mobile customers, Plusnet recommends that you file mobile services complaints and other issues by giving out adequate details like phone number and account number. This is to enable the company to find your Plusnet Mobile account.

How to Reach Plusnet Customer Support

WebsiteContact Us
Phone Number0800 432 0200
MailPlusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2G.

How to Reach The Ombudsman

WebsiteOfficial Website
EmailSend A Message
MailCommunications, P.O Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU

What Next After Filing a Complaint With Plusnet

After filing your complaint, Plusnet will try to offer a solution by simply calling you via phone. And if the issue is more complicated, the company will conduct a thorough and contact you later with more updates.

An Alternative Way to Solve Plusnet Complaints

If you receive an unsatisfying response from Plusnet, the company outlines that you can use an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by seeking Ombudsman services. Ombudsman offers a free and independent service to all Plusnet clients who find it hard to cope or welcome the final decision of their complaints. However, the company indicates that ombudsman services exclude issues about commercial laws like Plusnet's decision to offer their services due to their credit or fraud checks, prices, availability, or broadband. They can also not handle any issue from business users with above 10 workers. You can refer to ombudsman services for resolution via the following contact information.

  • Mail
  • Email
  • Website:

Plusnet prefers that before you seek ombudsman services, you must have filed a complaint to the company via the above approaches to enable the company to address the issue first.

Unless the company acknowledges they cannot resolve your complaint and has given you a deadlock code, Ombudsman will not take on any case less than 8 weeks old.

Challenges You May Encounter Filing Plusnet Complaints

Here are some challenges you may experience while filing Plusnet complaints using ombudsman services and the company's process.

  1. Delays, since you will have to wait for 5 to 8 working days for Plusnet and 8 weeks for an ombudsman.
  2. You might experience customer service hold-on due to long queue as a result of several complaints from other customers as well.
  3. Ombudsman services are limiting and prone to surprising outcomes.

DoNotPay is the perfect solution for your Plusnet complaints because our service is:

  1. Convenient - DoNotPay utilizes the critical information you enter to solve your problem
  2. Fast - There is no line to contact customer support, and there is no cumbersome online paperwork to complete.
  3. Successful - You can be confident that your complaint will be resolved because DoNotPay has a reputation for offering high-quality and effective service.

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