Get PFP Energy To Take Your Complaints Seriously—Here's How

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Get PFP Energy To Take Your Complaints Seriously—Here's How

If you have been a customer and filed a PFP energy complaint, you are probably aware that this company has ceased trading since September 2021. For those customers who have complaints about the company, it can be very frustrating. British Gas has now acquired service to over 80,000 of those customers, but for complaints that were filed before September 2021, there will be no resolution by either company. A letter that the Ombudsman sent out to consumers with complaints reads in part:

Dear Consumer,

We hope you're well.

As you may be aware, PfP Energy ceased trading on Tuesday 7th September.

This means that they won't be able to carry out any resolution we may have required in response to your dispute. As we're unable to take further action we, unfortunately, have to close your case.

We appreciate that this will be frustrating and we're sorry that we're unable to continue providing support in resolving your dispute.

DoNotPay can help file complaints with current companies. If the issue that you filed the complaint about initially continues, DoNotPay can help you file with British Gas, a new complaint to help you get a resolution.

What Are the Most Common Complaints Against Energy Suppliers?

Of course, complaints are unique to each consumer, but some common complaints have been issued against energy suppliers. Some of the most common are:

  • The most frequent complaint by far is incorrect or missing bills or statements.
  • Customer service complaints are the second most frequent complaint. This is usually due to not being able to resolve an issue, excessive hold times, or customer service agents not being helpful or pleasant to work with.
  • Switching services or payment plans, or moving to a new address.
  • Problems with gas or electric meters.
  • Price increases
  • Digital tools for online access, payments, etc.

Read more about complaints and how DoNotPay can help you with a lot of issues fast and easily.

How to File a Complaint With British Gas and Electric on Your Own

Keep in mind that British Gas and Electric will not honour the complaints that were open with. But if it is the same issue, you can file a new complaint with them. They provide online access to file the complaint. The steps to resolve your complaint are:

  1. Contact them by phone, live chat, webform, or post.
  2. Explain the problem and let them know what they can do to resolve the issue.
  3. They get back to you with their response usually within 56 days.
  4. If you are unhappy with the outcome or it has taken too long to resolve your issue, you can take your dispute to an Ombudsman and they will provide an unbiased resolution at no charge.
How to Reach British Gas Customer Support
WebsiteHelp Center and Contact Us Page
EmailSend an email
TwitterBritish Gas Twitter Account
Online Contact FormComplaints Portal

Resolve Your Complaint With DoNotPay

DoNotPay understands that you are busy and it is often overwhelming and confusing to deal with issues from large companies. We are here to help you resolve your issues, file your complaints, and make your life less stressful. And DoNotPay can do this easily and quickly. Simply follow our easy steps and in minutes, we will file your complaint on your behalf.

  1. Search for DoNotPay's Other Customer Service Issues Product.
  2. Select the option that describes your complaint.
  3. Enter British Gas and Electric as the company you are dealing with.
  4. Provide us with the details of your complaint.

So easy! We do the work for you and you can relax and wait for your response. DoNotPay always looks for the best outcome for you.

DoNotPay Can Resolve Complaint Issues With Many Companies

If you have complaints with other companies, DoNotPay can help with those as well. If you are owed money, were treated badly, or have defective merchandise, we can help. No matter what the complaint is, let DoNotPay make it fast and easy for you to fill it with the company. Examples are:

Can DoNotPay Help With Other Problems Too?

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