How to File a Complaint Against Pandora and Hear Back Fast

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How to File a Complaint Against Pandora and Hear Back Fast

is a popular global jewellery designer and manufacturer, with unique jewellery sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Pandora became popular after releasing unique charms and has grown into an international jewellery brand specialising in unique pieces such as charm bracelets, necklaces, rings and more.

With nearly 7,000 points of sale, it can be challenging to find the right place to with Pandora. If you've ordered or interacted with Pandora and were unsatisfied, this post aims to guide you on how you can file a complaint with Pandora.

Most Common Pandora Customer Complaints

Hundreds of customer reviews reveal Pandora jewellery's :

  • Terrible customer service
  • Poor quality jewellery
  • Poor delivery
  • Misleading "sales" or specials

When customer service is less than ideal, that can make filing a complaint even more challenging. Many Pandora customers have struggled to reach customer service or, when they finally do, have problems getting them to respond.

How to Contact Pandora to Make a Complaint

Pandora offers three ways to contact them: online chat, phone, and email.

Online Chat

Visit their support page and click the "Contact Us" box. An option to "Chat with an Expert" is shown. Click that and it will open a chat window on the bottom right of your screen. This is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am - 6 pm, and Saturday 9 am - 5 pm (also open on bank holidays).


For online order related queries, call 0808 234 5431 from Monday to Friday, 8 am - 6 pm and Saturday 9 am - 5 pm. Calls are free from any UK landline. UK mobile network charges might apply.

For store/retail related queries, call 0844 873 1441 from Monday to Friday 9 am -5 pm (except public holidays).


You can send a letter of complaint to

Social Media

You might have better luck finding a customer support representative - or being guided to the right channels - by reaching out via social media. Pandora's Facebook and Twitter accounts allow you to message them, however, there's no guarantee your message will be seen or answered.

Pandora Retailers

Pandora also has nine online retailers in the UK, and you may have better luck contacting the individual retailer with your complaint, if you use their website to purchase your Pandora products.

  1. Argento
  2. Gift and Wrap
  3. Burrells
  4. Shop Disney
  5. Francis and Gaye Jewellers
  6. Luxe by Hugh Rice
  7. Niche Jewellery
  8. Stanley Hunt Jewellers
  9. Whittakers Jewellers

While Pandora has many unfavourable customer reviews, independent retailers may be more personable to their customers' complaints. If you purchased your Pandora jewellery product from one of these retailers, try reaching out to them.

RetailersContact Details
Argento Contemporary Jewellery Limited7-19 Royal Avenue

Belfast, BT1 1FB

United Kingdom

Phone: 4428 9047 3483

Gift and Wrap18 Market Place


Northumberland, NE46 1XQ

Phone: 01434 604477

BurrellsPhone: 020 3095 6510


Shop DisneyPhone: 0800 014 9648
Francis and Gaye Jewellers1st Floor, West Orchards Shopping Centre Coventry, CV1 1QX

Email: Phone: 0800 977 4391 or +44 800 977 4391 (International)

Luxe by Hugh RiceEmail:

Phone: 0800 342 3180

Niche Jewellery6 Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea

Essex, SS9 1AW

Phone: 01702 480898 Online: Contact Form

Stanley Hunt JewellersRetford Branch

22 The Square, Retford

Nottinghamshire, DN22 6DQ

Phone: 01777 703144


Gainsborough Branch

26 Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough

Lincolnshire, DN21 2NA

Phone: 01427 613051


Whittakers Jewellers63 High Street, Yarm

Stockton-on-Tees TS15 9BH

Phone: 01642 788088

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Pandora

If you've tried to file your complaint with Pandora and had no luck, there are other options available to possibly rectify the situation.

  • ADR Scheme
  • Small Claims Court

It's frustrating when you've paid for a product or service and it falls short, and there's no easy way to file your complaint. In such cases, you may have to find alternative solutions.

ADR Schemes

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) schemes are ways a third party enters and objectively listens to both sides before either mediating an acceptable outcome for both parties (mediation), or making a decision that is binding for both parties (arbitration).

Small Claims Court

If you have no luck otherwise, you might want to try to file a suit in small claims court. The current maximum amount you can recover is £3,000, but this amount is reportedly to increase to £5,000 later in 2022.

Before doing any of these options, it's a good idea to put in reasonable efforts to resolve the issue yourself, as litigation is frustrating and time-consuming, and could be costly to you. This way, you'll be more prepared if you do go to court, with documentation and proof that did issue a complaint to the company and you've done all you can to rectify the situation before court.

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