A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Complaint Against On the Beach

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Complaint Against On the Beach

On The Beach is a leading online retailer in the UK specializing in beach holidays. However, customers are complaining about the company's booking and communication issues. Some clients have raised concerns about the lack of direct complaints to amend bookings. Others raise concerns over the lack of standard communication channels after experiencing flight cancellations and subsequent refund requests. If you have any negative experience with On the Beach, you could file a complaint with an Ombudsman Association. You could also visit their official website and fill in their online complaint form or create a post on social media about your experience.

If you attempt to handle the situation yourself, it may become worse. For example, you may post your personal information on social media and jeopardize the safety of your booking data.

DoNotPay can help. Our platforms offer automated, convenient, fast, and less frustrating complaint filing procedures. With DoNotPay, you can file your in a few minutes without being on hold for hours or wasting time on paperwork.

How to Contact On The Beach to Make a Complaint

Making a successful complaint against entails following the steps below.

  • The first step to standard dispute resolution is to contact On the Beach directly and allow them to set things straight.
  • Follow the specified complaints procedure.
  • Ensure you advance your concerns through the standard process.
  • Ensure to maintain a copy of all documents you share with the institution.

On the Beach provides several platforms where you can contact the company to share your complaints. You could reach them via their complaint phone number or email. You may also fill in the online complaint form, visit their head office in Manchester, or contact them through their Twitter handle.

How to Reach On The Beach Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us for Complaints
EmailSend an email
Online Contact FormFill Out Form

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against On The Beach

If you cannot successfully file a complaint to the company directly or are disgruntled with the result, you could try the following options.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Schemes

On the Beach holidays is a travel company. Arbitration and mediation schemes would help solve your complaints, particularly if the company is a trade association member. An arbitrator's conclusion is binding but if you are discontented with the decision, you may not be able to advance the complaint to an ombudsman service or a small claims court.

The primary forms of ADR are:

  1. Arbitration – You contract an independent third party who revisits the facts of the case and makes a decision that binds either party or one.
  2. Mediation – The independent third party helps the conflicting parties arrive at a mutually agreed-upon outcome.
  3. Prominent and renowned ADR schemes in the UK include:
  4. Telecoms
  5. Energy
  6. Financial services

Many in the UK are already part of ADR schemes beyond the regulated sectors. This option may work for complaints involving foreigners who may have issues understanding communications from On the Beach.

Find an Ombudsman

An ombudsman can either cover the public sector (where they deal with complaints about public services and government organizations) or the private sector (where they handle consumer and financial complaints). You could hire an ombudsman specializing in financial services for refund-related complaints. You will require a letter from the company stating that the issue could not come to a resolution - a letter of deadlock. If the company is taking a long time to handle your concerns, which is approximately eight weeks, contact the specific ombudsman scheme you hired. You will only contact ombudspersons if you feel directly contacting the company is not rectifying the complaint.

Get Any Customer Service Issue Resolved With DoNotPay

On the Beach may not respond to your complaints as quickly as you may wish. This is where we come in. DoNotPay will represent you by contacting the company in multiple ways. Consider the following steps under our customer service issues product:

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DoNotPay will review you're On the Beach holidays complaint and follow a process to complete it. We contact the company on your behalf and express your demands.

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If you have a terrible experience with On the Beach Holidays, kindly contact us and explain your concerns. Our team will help. We will set things straight through our standard procedures after we establish the validity of your On the Beach complainTs. Kindly sign up with to seek justice.

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