Did National Tyres Ignore Your Complaints? Here's What To Do!

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How to File National Tyres Complaints the Easy Way

National Tyres is a tyre and automotive retailer company based in England. Like any other retailer, getting through their customer support on your own to resolve your is always a hustle. It could take several days or weeks, or you might get no response after wasting your time on follow-ups. When it comes to complaints revolving around money, you probably want your complaints to be sorted fast, if not immediately. But what happens if National Tyres don't resolve your complaints or you don't get a satisfactory response from National Tyres customer support? That's where DoNotPay comes to your aid!

DoNotPay offers an automated system where you can resolve all your customer service issues in minutes. Through our Other Customer Service Issues product, you can resolve your National Tyres complaints conveniently without waiting or following up on your case.

How to Make a Complaint to National Tyres on Your Own

Do you have ? Contact the National Tyres customer support on your own and make a complaint. You can contact them in various ways, including via phone numbers, email addresses, and social media.

Ways to Contact National Tyres Customer Support

How to Reach National Tyres Customer Support
Mailing AddressNational Tyre Service Limited,

Regent House, Heaton Lane,

Stockport, SK4 1BS

Phone Number0800 432 0460 or 0808 100 0015
EmailSend an email
TwitterSend a Tweet
FacebookOfficial Account
Online Contact FormContact Page

Even though there are several ways you can reach National Tyres and make your complaints, National Tyres encourages their customers to submit their complaints in writing through their email, by post, or by telephone. Once you submit the complaint, the National Tyres customer support can take two to five days before they get back to you. However, this might take even more time if they're dealing with many customer complaints, making it time-consuming and frustrating.

Other Ways You Can File a Complaint Against National Tyres

Sometimes your complaints might not be solved, or you might not get a satisfactory response from the National Tyres customer support. In such a case, you have the right as a customer to try other ways of solving your complaint to get a satisfactory response. Here are various ways you can resolve your National Tyres complaints:

1. Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office

If you contact the National Tyres customer support and fail to get a response, consider contacting your local Citizens Advice Bureau or local Trading Standards Office for help. Such organisations will help you know the best way to resolve your complaints.

2. ADR Schemes

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR for consumers is another way you can resolve your National Tyres complaints. An ADR scheme is a great way to resolve disputes with your trader without going to court. For British consumers, the European Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution is always ready to help should anything go wrong with services and goods bought in other member states.

3. Ombudsman

When an ADR service does not offer satisfactory results, you can opt for an Ombudsman. An Ombudsman does not take sides, meaning they're free, independent, and impartial.

You can request help from an Ombudsman if you've already sought help from the company in vain. However, remember that an Ombudsman does not handle a complaint when it's already in court or you've already started court action. You can find an Ombudsman from the Ombudsman Association, as most Ombudsmen are members of the association.

4. Small Claims Court

Lastly, you can seek help from a small claims court if you feel that National Tyres company has breached its contract. A small claims court should always be your final solution when all other routes fail to address or solve your complaints.

Get Your Customer Service Issues Solved With DoNotPay's Help

Following up on the National Tyres customer support for days or weeks can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you decide to resolve your complaints on your own. DoNotPay can help you resolve your National Tyres complaints conveniently and faster, and all you need to do is use the Other Customer Service Issues product. Here's how to have your complaints solved in minutes with DoNotPay:

  1. Go to DoNotPay and choose the Other Customer Service Issues product.
  2. Select an option that's appropriate to your specific issue. For instance, you can choose the "Refund a Purchase" option.
  3. Add the company's name, for instance, National Tyres.
  4. Enter any other relevant details that can assist us in resolving your complaint faster.

DoNotPay will go through your complaint and take the necessary steps to complete it on your behalf. We can also contact the company's customer service for you and make your demands!

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