Microsoft Rewards Phone Verification Bypass Using Burner Phones

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Microsoft Rewards Phone Verification Bypass: A Safe Way to Earn Risk-Free

Over the years, Microsoft, one of the largest global technology giants with multi-billion annual revenues, has innovatively created approaches that can make customers more loyal to their bunch of high-value applications and services. One of these sensational tactics is the Microsoft Rewards (commonly known as Bing Rewards).

According to Microsoft, Bing Rewards is a free product that compensates you for doing what you already do. You earn points by watching movies or playing games via Xbox, searching using Bing, or shopping on the Microsoft store. You can redeem these Bing points for gift cards, purchases, or make non-profit donations, and much more.

However, to start earning this way, you 'll need to have a Microsoft account that's fully verified by email and phone number. This is where comes in. Suppose you can't figure out why your phone won't work, or you need to maintain online anonymity and privacy. In that case, you can use a temporary burner phone number for Bing Rewards verification instead.

Why Microsoft Rewards Asks for Phone Verification

First, they need to validate that it's not a robot that is logging into their systems. Otherwise:

  • To enable you to set a 2-FA security protocol for your Microsoft account.
  • Microsoft can use your phone number to help with seamless account recovery.
  • To make sure that you're signing up or logging in from the location your IP claims you're at.

While this is obviously the case, you don 't expect them to tell you the possible downsides of using your real number for Bing Rewards authentication. This takes us to the next thing you need to know.

Why Use Burner Phones for Bing Rewards Phone Verification

Giving out your actual number to Microsoft and other online accounts has continued to be discouraged due to the privacy violations you probably don 't know about. For example, Microsoft doesn't want you to know that your phone number is "knotted" together with your Outlook mail address to create a marketing persona used to target you with ads across the internet. Apart from that, here are some things you need to know about:

CybercrimeCybercriminals can use your number for unauthorized activities such as spamming, robocalls, or scams. i.e., if your account's control, unfortunately, gets into such people.
EntertainmentYou may want to separate your Xbox gaming/movie life from your other life. You can achieve this by creating a different and anonymous Microsoft account for such activities without losing the perk of earning points.

Through using a fake phone number, you can earn points without compromising your privacy, safety, or other online accounts potentially getting hacked if your phone number is discovered and swapped.

Bing Rewards Phone Verification Bypass Options

There are 2 major ways you can use to evade Microsoft Rewards verification without a lot of issues:

  1. Buy a Burner Phone: Getting a burner phone from an electronics store can solve your problems. However, these gadgets are uneconomical because you may end up spending upwards of 50 dollars or even more on a single device. Think of it. Maybe that 's unnecessary additions and/or a bad way to spend your hard-earned bucks on a device you might throw away or easily lose.
  2. Temporary Number Mobile Apps: The best alternative to getting past the verification phase of your Bing Rewards is using the many virtual burner phones apps available. However, many require you to part with substantial subscription fees and have no guarantee they will work. But some, like the DoNotPay fake number, warrants you a proven and working disposable phone number.

Why Am I Not Getting Microsoft Rewards Phone Verification Code?

Are you experiencing the "this number has already been taken" error when trying to validate your Bing Rewards identity? The possible cause is that your number has signed up for several accounts and can't be used any further for a new one. You can solve this by using a temporary number instead.

Another key reason is that you are trying to use a Google Voice temporary number or a free fake number generated from a random website. Microsoft doesn 't allow you to verify using Google Voice (remember they're competitors), and also, most of the solutions like free virtual number websites won't work with Microsoft Rewards.

Sign Up for a Microsoft Rewards Account Without a Phone Number

Do you want to avoid the costs associated with buying a physical burner phone? Or avert your Bing Rewards account getting banned for trying to log in from a VPN or another region's IP address? Follow the following easy steps to get Microsoft Rewards phone verification bypass right the first time you try like a pro:

  1. Open our app or visit the web browser.
  2. Select Microsoft when prompted to choose the company you're looking to get verification for.
  3. Generate the temporary phone number and key it on the Bing Rewards verification page.
  4. Receive the text or authentication code right from the DoNotPay platform.
  5. Use the code to validate yourself. Congrats! You can now play Xbox games, watch movies, search Bing, and transact on the Microsoft store without hassle.

NB: Upon generation of the disposable phone number, you have only 10 minutes to use it, after which it 's automatically deactivated. But with us, you can always generate a good number of fake phone numbers per month without additional cost.

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