How to Write a Complaint to Matalan Effortlessly

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How to File Matalan Complaints the Easy Way

Matalan is a local UK online shopping retailer providing clothing and homeware at the lowest price. While most customers have a great experience shopping with Matalan, there could be occasions where things go wrong. If you feel wronged by the retailer, you have a right to .

DoNotPay provides an easier way to register Matalan complaints. Through our complaints product, we can help you generate a demand letter or make a complaint letters in small claims court in minutes.

How to Contact Matalan When Making a Complaint

If you have a poor experience in-store or online, you can document the incident and via a letter, a phone call or email.

Matalan Complaints Department Contact Info
AddressComplaints Department, Matalan,

Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Estate

Kirby, Knowsley, L33 7SZ
Phone0333 0044444

Monday - Sunday 8am to 6pm

What Information Should I Include in a Letter of Complaint to Matalan?

The following are some information to include in your complaint letter:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your Matalan card number
  • Time and date of the incident
  • Names of parties involved, a detailed recollection of the event

Should I Take Matalan to a Small Claims Court?

Typically, small claims courts resolve cases that don't involve huge sums of money or complicated issues. The court is often ideal for obtaining compensation or your money back if something has gone wrong. If Matalan fails to address your complaint wholly or satisfactorily ignores your letter of complaint, you can escalate the matter to a small claims court.

You can send demand letters to Matalan in small claims for things like:

  • Poor service
  • A faulty product
  • Being owed a refund

What Should I Do Before Starting a Small Claim?

Before starting a small claim, try to solve the issue using other dispute resolution methods, including formal mediation. You can also use an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme to solve your problem without going to court. If you used alternative dispute resolution (ADR), the court would consider the ADR scheme's decision.

How to File a Complaint Against Matalan in Small Claims Court on Your Own

Small claims court can be an alternative option to dispute Matalan against poor quality, refund delays, or poor customer service and get compensation for your damages. The following are the DIY steps to file a complaint in small claims court:

  1. Gather all necessary information regarding your complaint. This may include bills, receipts, video recordings, and more.
  2. Send the company a "letter before claim" indicating your losses and the amount of money you are owed. Ensure you give them a deadline to act.
  3. Fill out the paperwork correctly. You can include an affidavit with whom you are claiming you have been damaged.
  4. Submit it to the court clerk and ensure they have entered it into the system. The complaint will then be sent to a judge, who will notify you of your court date.

What Are the Conditions for Filing a Complaint in Small Claims Court?

Before you file a complaint against Matalan, it is vital to ensure that:

  • You have an active contract covering the specific issue
  • You have been wronged
  • You can prove it in court

How Long Do I Have to Make a Complaint Against Matalan in a Small Claims Court?

Under UK laws, a claim must be started within a "limitation period." This is generally six years from when your right to make a claim arose in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland and five years in Scotland.

Get Matalan Complaints Resolved With DoNotPay

When your transaction with Matalan goes awry, you may find it hard to make a successful complaint. It can be more difficult to escalate your concerns to court. procedures can be quite complex as it requires some in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws regarding your specific situation.

Filing a complaint against Matalan on your own is undoubtedly a tedious process bearing in mind you won't get the help of an attorney. Fortunately, DoNotPay is here to help you bypass all bureaucratic challenges. We can help you take Matalan to small claims court by generating a complaint letters or a demand letter for you in a few minutes with our Complaint Letters product.

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Let DoNotPay Help

Taking Matalan to court might sometimes feel like the only option, especially if the company's approach to handling your complaint falls below expectations. Small claim courts offer solutions for simple cases under £10,000. If you need a convenient method to file a complaint in a UK small claims court, DoNotPay can help.

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