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Schedule a Lodi California DMV appointment quickly

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Americans drive everywhere. In a car-dependent society, a trip to the DMV is inevitable. If the very thought makes you shriek in horror, this is precisely the guide for you.

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The Lodi California DMV has a reputation for having extended wait times. According to online statistics, the average wait time when booking a Lodi California DMV appointment is 66 minutes or more.

Ways to book Lodi California DMV appointments

There are several avenues to get a Lodi California DMV reservation. You can get an appointment in person, via phone, through the mail, or by booking online. For your convenience, it is advisable to book by phone or online. Booking online may be best for your sanity.

In-Person reservation

Fair warning, it will take you an hour or more to get a Lodi California State DMV reservation if you drop by their office. If, for some reason, you still want to visit the Lodi California DMV to book your appointment, then go ahead. The address is 1222 Pixley Parkway, Lodi, CA 95240. Be sure to refrain from visiting on Mondays and Fridays. Do not visit during your lunch break or on days before or after a holiday. These are the days and hours when the office is the busiest.

Online reservation

Presented below is the step-by-step procedure for booking online.

  1. To make an appointment, visit the California DMV’s website.
  2. Click on the search button at the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Type in Lodi and click on the first link that appears.
  4. To start the application process, you will be asked to choose among four buttons. These buttons are, "office visit appointment," "behind-the-wheel driving test," "commercial driving test," and "view or cancel an appointment."
  5. If you click on the office visit appointment tab, as the majority do, five subheadings will appear. These include, "Which office would you like to visit?" "How many items would you like to process," "Select the reason(s) for your visit," "Reasonable accommodations," and lastly, "Customer information."
  6. Answering which office would you like to visit, choose Lodi from the drop-down menu.
  7. Provide all the other necessary information and then click continue.

Phone reservation

The process of booking a Lodi California State DMV reservation is not a complicated task. However, it can leave you waiting on hold for over an hour. Opt for using the DoNotPay app. The app will wait on hold for you, so you don't have to waste your time. Access DoNotPay through any .

Lodi California DMV contact numbers

If you wish to contact the Lodi California DMV, call (800) 777-0133. Since only one number is listed, expect terrible wait times and heavy traffic. As an alternative, access DoNotPay through any .

Scheduling a Lodi California DMV appointment with the help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay is a handy app. It makes dealing with various bureaucratic issues uncomplicated and painless. The same applies for booking an appointment with Lodi California DMV. DoNotPay will contact the DMV for you and pass the line to you once it reaches a live human. Here are the necessary steps when booking an appointment through DoNotPay:

  1. Start by using the DoNotPay in any browser.
  2. The DoNotPay app will ask you to choose from a list of appointment services. Such services are:
    • License application or renewal
    • Arrangement of a written or behind-the-wheel driving test
    • Renewal of car registration
    • Updating your address
    • Obtaining a car title
    • Asking for a copy of driver records
  3. Once you have chosen one of the options listed, DoNotPay will ask you to input the time most convenient for you to set up an appointment.

Aside from these, the app also helps you arrange all the necessary documents needed for your scheduled visit. DoNotPay can even assist you in filling out the paperwork.

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What services does the Lodi California DMV provide?

The Lodi California DMV offers a wide range of services. Anything related to vehicular paperwork, documents, and registration may very well be under the DMV. Examples of services the office offers are:

  1. Car registration renewal
  2. Scheduled non-operations
  3. Reinstatement of a suspended car registration
  4. Submission of evidence of vehicle insurance
  5. Submission and elimination of an affidavit of non-use
  6. Begin an application for a driver’s license
  7. Purchase customized, vanity license plates
  8. Update license or ID card address
  9. Get a new license or ID card once it is lost or stolen
  10. Release of liability once you have sold your car

To make the process of obtaining these services as painless and quick as possible, opt for using the DoNotPay app. The app will book a visit for you, so you don't have to inconvenience yourself. Access DoNotPay through any .

What should you bring to your Lodi California DMV appointment?

The documents and paperwork necessary depend on the kind of appointment you wish to book. It is best to double-check and prepare everything, so you don’t waste your time when you visit the DMV. Below is a list of services that the Lodi California DMV provides and the necessary paperwork that you need to present for each:

  1. Renewal of a driver’s license or identification card
  2. Car registration renewal
  3. Register a vehicle as non-operational
  4. Vehicle reinstatement after suspension of registration

Documents to renew your driver’s license

Here is the step-by-step process and the paperwork you need when applying for a renewal:

  1. Complete the online Driver License or Identification Card Application DL 44 form
  2. If your license is for commercial or business purposes, fill out the DL 939 form
  3. Settle the driver's license fee
  4. Take the written test

Aside from completing the requirements mentioned above, please also prepare the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Social Security No.
  • Complete name

Documents needed for vehicle registration renewal

To accomplish your car registration renewal, prepare:

  • Your plate number
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number's (VIN) last five digits
  • If you are renewing your boat’s registration, bring your Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • Your smog certification, except for diesel cars manufactured before 1998, gas-powered vehicles before 1975, cars with a 14,000 lb gross vehicle weight (GWR), or gasoline-powered cars of more than 14,000 pounds in weight.
  • Smog certification filed with the DMV
  • Proof of current address through renewal notice

Documents for planned non-operation (PNO)

Steps and papers needed when filing for a PNO if currently registered:

  1. Fill out the Affidavit of Non-Use (REG 5090) form (online, via mail, or call 1-800-777-0133 once completed)
  2. Click the print button
  3. Pay the fees

Steps and documents needed when filing for a PNO once you receive a renewal notice:

  1. Remove the lower portion of your renewal notice
  2. Send it via post along with the appropriate PNO fees
  3. Wait for the DMV to mail you stating that your car is now under PNO status

Documents needed for vehicle reinstatement after registration suspension

Steps in the process of applying for reinstatement of vehicle registration after suspension:

  1. Submit evidence of financial responsibility
  2. Pay the $14 reinstatement fee
  3. Mail the fees to the Vehicle Registration Financial Responsibility Program, call 1-800-777-0133, or visit the Vehicle Registration Suspension and Insurance Program page. A 2.1% service fee will apply

Documents needed as proof of financial responsibility:

  • Submit a copy of a document or ID from your insurance company.
  • If you pay via cash deposit or you are self-insured, you need an authorization letter from the DMV
  • A copy of the California Proof of Insurance Certificate (SR-22)
  • Proof that the car has an owner or is rented by a public individual as stated in the California Government Code §811.2
  • For first-time car registrations and cars under commercial policies, you will need a copy of Notification of Alternative Forms of Financial Responsibility (REG 5085)
  • A copy of your Statement of Facts (REG 256) form

What time should you drop by the DMV Lodi California office?

It is best to drop by the office in the morning. This is when there are the least visitors. As mentioned above, do not visit during the hellish hours from 12 PM to 2 PM, the busiest days of the week, Monday and Friday, or days preceding and succeeding the holidays.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment at the California DMV?

The wait time for a Lodi California State DMV appointment will take about one to three hours. It gets even worse during the lunch break, on Monday and Fridays, and days after and before a holiday. If you have pre-booked a Lodi California State DMV appointment, then you do not have to wait that long.

Make life convenient for yourself. Opt to use the DoNotPay app. The app will book a visit for you, so you don't have to inconvenience yourself. Access DoNotPay through any .

How can you prevent a long wait time when setting Lodi California DMV appointments?

The most stress-free and practical solution would be to book an appointment with the help of the DoNotPay app. Access DoNotPay through any .

You can also use the DMV Now kiosk. Drive to the nearest booth to avail of the following services without going to the office and waiting in line:

  • Renew your car vehicle registration
  • File for a PNO
  • Pay the reinstatement fees for suspended car registrations
  • Submit an ANU
  • Remove an ANU
  • Submit evidence of insurance if asked for by the Vehicle Insurance Program

Several modes of payment are accepted. Once done, the kiosk will print out a registration card along with a sticker, Planned Non-Operation acknowledgment, or receipt. The booth may charge a small convenience fee.

Lodi California DMV location

The Lodi California DMV office is one of the many DMV field offices in California. Its address, phone number, and the DMV Lodi California hours are as follows:


Lodi DMV

1222 Pixley Parkway

Lodi, CA 95240


(800) 777-0133

Office Hours:

Monday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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What other assistance does DoNotPay offer?

The DoNotPay app is convenient and easy to use. Access DoNotPay through any . After gaining access to the app, DoNotPay can readily assist you with the following:

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