Booking an Appointment for RI DMV Registration

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Set Rhode Island DMV Appointments Fast!

Setting your Rhode Island DMV appointment can be both complicated and time- consuming. The minutes quickly turn to hours as you patiently wait to schedule your appointment or navigate through a convoluted online process. Seemingly simple matters like RI DMV registration can quickly become a hassle.

DoNotPay can provide you with the solutions for your RI DMV appointment by scheduling the appointment for you. That's right; you don't have to dial anyone. Using DoNotPay for and other DMV-related issues can be as simple as opening your web browser.

The national average wait time for DMV services in any given state is 34 minutes, with some waiting as long as 44 minutes. DoNotPay can alleviate the wait times by providing you with timely appointments and answers to other DMV-related questions simply by using your smartphone or from the comfort of home on your laptop.

How to Book an Appointment for RI DMV

Currently, the RI DMV is operating by reservation only. Reservations can be made for Cranston, Woonsocket, Middletown, and Wakefield offices either by phone, online, or mail. Walk-ins are not allowed, and the offices located at Warren and Westerly are currently closed.

RI DMV Phone Number

By dialing (401)462-4638, you can attempt the phone process of setting any appointments you wish to make in person at the location on 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920-3024.

Booking Appointments With RI DMV

RI DMV Online Services

The following list is the RI DMV services you can make appointments for online.

  • Update your address
  • Renew your Driver's License/State ID/CDL
  • Upload your CDL medical certificate
  • Duplicate license
  • Duplicate registration
  • Reinstate your insurance revocation
  • Get a copy of your driving record
  • Cancel registration

RI DMV Mail-in Services

The following list is the RI DMV transactions you can accomplish by mail.

  • Duplicate registration
  • Late renewal of canceled registration with same plates (leave check amount blank as the Dept of DMV will fill it in for you)
  • Updates to license, or any other state-issued ID card
  • Remake plates
  • Duplicate License
  • Renew license or learner permit

You will also need the proper forms for a mail-in transaction as well as the associated fees.

RI DMV Phone Number

By dialing (401) 462-4638, you can attempt the phone process of setting any appointments you wish to make in person at the location on 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920-3024.

How to Book Your RI DMV Appointments Using DoNotPay

Eliminate all the hassle associated with when you use DoNotPay. In three simple, easy-to-understand steps, you can accomplish everything listed above and more.

To begin using the time-saving features of DoNotPay, look at these three simple steps, and you too can eliminate the RI DMV appointment setting hassle.

  1. Search DMV on DoNotPay and enter your DMV information
  2. Choose the issue you need help with. a) Office Visit Appointment b)Behind the wheel driving test c)Ask your question
  3. Tell us more about your specific problem and allow our chatbot to guide you through the necessary questions to solve your issue

You can eliminate the search for the correct forms and the other intricacies involved in getting an appointment for services when you use DoNotPay. Use it directly from your browser and spend your time doing something you enjoy instead of navigating through these and other issues at the RI DMV.

Besides getting your appointments set without ever having to dial anyone, you can also use DoNotPay to contest traffic and parking tickets. DoNotPay makes going to the RI DMV a bit easier than what you are accustomed to.

Bring the Right Documents to Your RI DMV Appointment

Once your appointment has been made using DoNotPay, you will need to bring with you the proper documents on the day of your RI DMV appointment. The following is a list from the RI DMV regarding those documents according to the type of RI DMV appointment you have made through DoNotPay.

License RenewalYou will need to bring these documents:
  1. Current license
  2. Credit or debit card
  3. A printer or email address
Registration RenewalYou will need to bring these documents:
  1. Current registration
  2. Current automobile insurance coverage proof
  3. Credit or debit card
Driving RecordsYou will need to bring these documents:
  1. Current License
  2. Credit or debit card

What Is the Best Time for a RI DMV Visit?

For those unavoidable RI DMV issues that cannot be handled either online or by mail, you can select an appointment time that will benefit you. The RI DMV recommends the following guidelines to help you choose the best time to fit your busy schedule.

  1. Avoid lunch hours and evenings.
  2. Avoid Fridays.
  3. Avoid any day between the first and third of each month.
  4. Peak times are Mondays and Fridays.
  5. Slack times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after 1 p.m.

What Is the Average Wait Time During a RI DMV Visit?

Wait times are contingent on several factors, such as absentee clerks, computer outages, and the number of people present for RI DMV appointments. Setting your appointments ahead and sticking to that timeline will be your best ally in visiting the RI DMV.

The national average wait time of 44 minutes maximum is contingent on conditions at the RI DMV on any given day.

However, Rhode Island DMV administrator Bud Craddock said that once inside the building for your appointment, you are usually seen within seven minutes. That is provided you have an appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Get a RI DMV Appointment?

Craddock also stated that available appointments for the RI DMV were released between 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. daily and that those released appointments were four weeks away.

Craddock also mentions that if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment to please make your intentions known as soon as possible, so other citizens can have a chance at obtaining your canceled spot.

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