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How To File LiveWest Complaints the Easy Way

LiveWest is a housing association managing homes across the South West. The Association believes in providing homes for everyone and facilitates the efficient acquisition of houses from Cornwall to Gloucestershire.

You may want to file a when you are not satisfied with their services, they have breached the terms of the contract, or have experienced poor customer service. However, filing complaints against an association on your own can be frustrating and with the lengthy process, exhausting.

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How to Make a Complaint to LiveWest

You may experience problems such as delays in processing your home, non-disclosed repairs in your newly bought home, or poor customer support responses. In such cases, LiveWest provides a customer complaints platform for addressing such issues. You can use any of the following methods to file your .

Website Contact Us Page

You can use LiveWest’s contact us page to file your LiveWest complaints. If you choose these methods, you must fill out the customer complaints form with the following details.

  1. Personal information
  2. Type of complaints
  3. Details of the complaints
  4. Propose solutions to the problem


LiveWest’s customer support hotline is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Upon making contact, you must state your LiveWest complaints to the customer support department. Depending on your complaint, customer support will inform you when your issue could be addressed.


An email may be convenient if you want to articulate your complaints in detail. The response time could take longer though.


You can also write formal complaints to LiveWest customer support and send them to the address below Unfortunately, this method is slower since customer care support has hundreds of calls and emails to respond to.

How to Reach LiveWest Customer Support

WebsiteContact Us
EmailSend a Message
TwitterDrop a Line
Phone Number0300 123 8080
Mail1 Wellington Way Skypark Clyst Honiton


Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against LiveWest

If LiveWest does not resolve your complaints satisfactorily or you want to file other complaints against the association, there are alternative options.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an efficient dispute resolution method that can help you avoid lengthy processes. There are two main approaches involved in an ADR dispute resolution:

  1. Mediation – An independent mediator helps conflicting parties resolve their disputes amicably – The parties reach a mutually acceptable outcome.
  2. Arbitration – An arbitrator listens to both sides of the dispute, analyzes the complaints and decides on facts.

In the UK, there has been a constant increase in ADR schemes due to their convenience in getting things resolved.


If you decide on this direction, search for an ombudsman who fits the association’s sector from the ombudsmen’s list. For an ombudsman to consider your case, you are required to prove that you have taken your LiveWest complaints through the association’s complaints procedure, and the association believes there is nothing to be done to resolve your complaints. It’s important to ask for a letter of deadlock from the association to show you have done all there is to be done. The Ombudsman acts as an independent referee. He/she evaluates both sides of the dispute and establishes an amicable solution. An ombudsman can only address disputes involving service or administrative errors.

Small Claims Court

If you still feel the decision made by the ADR and ombudsman is unfair or feel the association has breached its contract, you can use the small claims court as the final solution. Still, you will need to demonstrate that you have tried all other alternatives available to seek redress. It’s worth noting that the maximum financial compensation you can claim in small claims court in England and Wales is £10,000 in Scotland, £5,000 and £3,000 in Northern Ireland.

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