LASD Inmate Packages in a Nutshell

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How To Send LASD Inmate Packages to Someone Behind Bars

Correctional facilities across the U.S. have strict rules about what you can and can’t send to an inmate. Whether you’re trying to write to a prisoner or dispatch a package, you have to take precautions so that your mail isn’t thrown out during the inspection.

The LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) allows inmates to receive packages created by independent vendors. Friends and family can send a select few items by mail, but products such as food or hygiene essentials must be sent in care packages.

If you want to send a package to an incarcerated family member or a prison pen pal, it’s crucial to know their exact address. Use DoNotPay’s Locate Someone feature to find an inmate in the U.S. and start writing them letters, sending packages, and arranging visits.

What Do LASD Inmate Care Packages Contain?

What makes care packages special is that they aren’t subject to the same restrictions as other prison mail. If you wanted to send something to an inmate, you would be limited to items like books, cards, and an occasional photograph.

LASD care packages are pre-approved by the correctional facility and may contain a variety of food and commodities. Take a look at allowed and forbidden items in inmate care packages:

What’s AllowedWhat’s Forbidden
Food and snacksGlass items
Most booksAnything that can be fashioned into a weapon
Clothing and footwearContent that may incite violence
ToiletriesLaminated cards
Hobby materialsSexual content
Specific electronicsCash

Where Can I Order Los Angeles Inmate Packages?

If you wish to send a care package to an inmate, you must choose products from pre-approved vendors.

The care packages can be purchased from third-party suppliers in California or other states, as long as the companies are approved by the correctional facility. Anything that is featured on their price list will likely pass an inspection.

Here’s an overview of the most popular inmate packages vendors in the United States:


Access Securepak

  • Offers diverse products
  • Replaces broken or damaged shipped items free of charge
  • Allows shipment tracking

Union Supply Direct

  • Offers up to 12 promo items for dedicated customers
  • Free re-shipping for packages that were denied by the correctional facility
  • Features tracking for inmates that have been transferred to another facility

Use DoNotPay To Locate an Inmate in LA

If you don’t know the inmate’s exact location, our app will help you find them. DoNotPay’s advanced search engine can locate an inmate using only their name and the state they serve their sentence in. Any additional information you provide will help narrow down the results. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the Locate Someone option in the Connect With an Inmate tab
  3. Input information you know about the inmate, such as their name, date of birth, and in which state they’re incarcerated
  4. Click on Proceed

DoNotPay will locate the inmate without their ID number. Our database covers all correctional facilities, from ICE detention centers to LA County jails.

How To Order an LASD Inmate Package

If you want to send an inmate package, you have to contact the independent companies that produce packages, such as:

  • iCare
  • Access Securepak
  • Union Supply Direct

You can use their websites and apps to order packages and send them to the correctional facility that houses your loved one without worries that the parcel may be discarded or returned.

Write a Personalized Letter to an Inmate Using DoNotPay

Contacting inmates via letter can be a challenge. Few people know how to address a letter to an inmate or other strict rules that regulate inmate mail. Your letter could be thrown out for being the wrong size or containing too many paragraphs.

It’s a common problem that DoNotPay can help you avoid. Use our app to compose a personalized letter that will meet prison standards and reach the inmate as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay
  2. Open the Connect With an Inmate tab and click on Write a Personalized Letter
  3. Enter the inmate’s info, including their name and ID
  4. Compose your message or upload a pre-written version
  5. Upload photos and choose from one of the available letter styles

Confirm your submission, and DoNotPay will take care of the rest. We’ll print the letter, address it correctly, and send it immediately.

Get Mail in the Virtual Form Using DoNotPay

It takes a while for your letter to reach an inmate. While the post office sends it as quickly as it does other mail, prison inspections may cause delivery delays. The reply can take a while to arrive, and you have to sift through physical mail to find it. If you want to cut this time short, use our Virtual Mailbox feature to get the letter straight to your phone or computer. This is how it works:

  1. The inmate sends mail to our address
  2. Once the letter arrives, we digitize it
  3. We send the letter in digital form to you

It’s a convenient way to receive mail from an inmate, especially if you aren’t home all the time. If you prefer not to provide your address to a prison pen pal, you can use the Virtual Mailbox feature to stay anonymous while still contacting the inmate.

How To Call an Inmate in an LA County Jail

Letters aren’t the only method you can use to communicate with an inmate. If you prefer to contact them via phone, LA County jails allow this option as well. Before you can start calling an inmate, you must:

  1. Locate them
  2. Set up a prepaid collect calling account
  3. Add funds to the account

How To Sign Up for a Prepaid Collect Calling Account

To call an inmate, you must sign up for a ConnectNetwork account. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the ConnectNetwork website
  2. Click on the Sign Up button
  3. Enter your name, date of birth, email, and other required information
  4. On the Facility Setup page, choose the facility that holds the inmate
  5. Confirm and activate your account once a link arrives in your inbox

You can use this account to deposit funds to call an inmate.

DoNotPay Will Help You Take Care of Mundane Everyday Tasks

With DoNotPay, you can send care packages to inmates in Georgia, Texas, or Ohio more easily. We’ll help you locate inmates and show you how to stay in contact using email, phone calls, or text messages.

If you need help with other administrative tasks, DoNotPay has your back. We’ll show you how to dispute parking tickets, request compensation for canceled flights, and even lower your bills.

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