Challenge Your Kingston upon Thames PCN Without a Lawyer

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Challenge Kingston upon Thames PCN and Win

The Kingston upon Thames Council is responsible for enforcing the borough's parking and traffic regulations. You can only get a Penalty Charge Notice if you break one of the regulations-contravention codes. The Penalty Charge Notice will outline what code you have contravened.

In 2020, the top 10 UK councils profited an estimated $65 million from Penalty Charge Notices. It is further estimated that 22,000 tickets are issued by private companies daily. Although revenue collected from parking tickets acts as a profitable cash cow for local authorities, it shouldn't affect you.

If you feel that you were issued a wrongfully, it's within your rights to contest it. DoNotPay can provide a faster, more convenient, automated, less frustrating way for you to make the best case possible and avoid or otherwise not pay the ticket.

Receiving a Parking Charge Notice in Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames Council can issue a (PCN) to motorists who:

  1. Park illegally, or
  2. Commit a driving offence within the council area.

Transport groups can also send penalty Charge Notices for not paying road tolls within a specified deadline.

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Vs. Parking Charge Notice

A Kingston Penalty Charge Notice differs from a Parking Charge Ticket. The former is a real fine. A Parking Charge Notice is more like an invoice from a private company for allegedly breaking an unwritten contract on its private land.

How to Pay a Parking Fine in Kingston upon Thames

Once you've been issued a Penalty Charge Notice or a parking ticket has been given to your vehicle, you must pay it within 28 days from the date of issue. You can get a discount charge if you pay within 14 days from the date of issue of the penalty charge notice.

The easiest way to make your payment is online. In case you need any clarification, or you have queries regarding your PCN, you can get in touch with Kingston upon Thames Council through the following channels:

Phone020 8547 5000

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

020 8547 5800

Emergency Out of Hours

AddressHigh Street

Kingston upon Thames



Note that the cost of the Penalty Charge Notice goes up the longer you leave it unpaid.

How Do I Challenge a Parking Fine?

If you think you have been unfairly issued a PCN, the simplest and quickest way of challenging it is to complete the online form. You could also submit a formal letter explaining your reasons for wanting the PCN written off.

It's advisable to provide an argument with evidence, such as a photo or video. The evidence is to be attached during either of the processes.

You must appeal within the first 28 days. Any appeal made after this deadline will be rejected, and your fine will be increased by 50%.

If you found your PCN stuck to the vehicle, you can't make a formal appeal first. You'll have to make an informal appeal to the council first. If that is rejected, you can progress to the appeal process. Further information about appealing for a PCN is available in London Tribunals.

What Happens if You Don't Pay or Challenge a Parking Fine?

Failure to pay or appeal your Penalty Charge Notice within 28 days of issue, the council will present you with a charge certificate. Your fine will be increased by 50%, and you'll be given 14 days to clear the debt. Otherwise:

  • Failure to pay within 14 days of the certificate issue will lead to the council asking for a court order to force you to either or permit the local authority to use bailiffs to recover the debt. The Bailiffs will further add their fees when they contact you or visit your home.
  • Failure to pay after all these efforts may lead to them trying to repossess some of your assets to be sold at auction and clear the council debt.

Can an Appeal Be Rejected?

When the council rejects a formal appeal, all hope isn't lost. You have one more attempt to have the parking ticket cancelled–escalate the request to an independent tribunal.

For London Penalty Charge Notices, the London Tribunals make the final decision.

Contest Tickets in Kingston Upon Thames Using DoNotPay

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Here's how to get started:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and go to the Ticket Disputes category. Select the Parking Ticket product.
  2. Upload a photo of your citation.
  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.
  4. That's it! You'll receive an appeal letter that contains the best argument to win your case.

That's it! You can then use the carefully crafted appeal letter to serve as your argument when you challenge your PCN/parking ticket.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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