Your Guide To The Italian Consulate, San Francisco

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Your Guide To The Italian Consulate San Francisco


Whether you require visa services or civil registrations, this article will go over everything you need to know about the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. As you read on, you’ll get the answers to commonly asked questions people ask about the consulate in Northern California. The sections below will answer the following questions:

  • Where is the Italian consulate in San Francisco located?
  • How can I make an appointment with the Italian consulate in San Francisco?
  • How can I contact the Italian consulate in San Francisco?
  • Is there to contact the Italian consulate in San Francisco?

The Italian Consulate San Francisco

The Italian consulate San Francisco (Consolato General d’Italia) is only one of 31 consulates serving 15 million Italian citizens, descendants, and visitors in the U.S. To be able to contact the consulate, you should be residing or located in any of these states below:

American Territories of Samoa

American Territory of Guam

Northern Mariana Islands

Johnston Atoll

Wake Island

Midways Islands.








The following counties in California:

Imperial Valley


Los Angeles



Santa Barbara

San Bernardino

San Diego

San Luis Obispo


If you don’t see your state or county above, check other Italian consulates to see which of them serves you.

How Can I Contact The Italian Consulate in San Francisco?

The Italian consulate in San Francisco provides multiple ways you can get in touch and make inquiries. You may choose to call, send a mail, fax, or visit the embassy in person.

Due to COVID-19, the CDC advises against making frequent visits to public places like the consulate. You may use any of the channels below to make an appointment with or contact the consulate before visiting:

AddressConsolato Generale d'Italia

2590 Webster Street

San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone+1 (415) 292-9200

(415) 999-0094 (for the emergency of an Italian citizen)

Fax+1 (415) 931-7205
Office Hours9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Monday to Friday

Consular Services At The Italian Consulate San Francisco

Here are some of the consular services you can get at the Italian consulate in San Francisco:

Visa Services

Depending on the purpose of your visit to Italy. The consulate offers three basic types of visas at this point. They are:

Schengen Visa or Short stay visa: This is a class of visa for people who wish to travel and stay in Italy for 3 months or less. If you are an adult, you’ll have to pay $96 to get a Schengen visa. There are no fees for children below six years old. Those six years to twelve years have a visa fee of $48.30.

Also, if you are a citizen of European countries like Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Albania, Macedonia, Russia, and Serbia, you’ll only have to pay $48.30 for your visa.

Long Stay Visa (National Visa): You may look to get this class of visa if you plan to stay in Italy for more than three months. A national visa will cost you $90.00.

National Student Visa: This visa is ideal for people looking to study in Italy; it costs $60.40 to process.

Kindly note that, apart from essential or medical travel purposes, all other forms of travel to Italy have been suspended since the outbreak of COVID-19. You will need to contact the consulate to know which type of travel you are permitted to make and when the restrictions may be lifted.

Passport Services

If you lost your passport, had it stolen, or the validity period has expired, you can schedule a passport appointment at the consulate to get a new passport. Kindly note that you’ll have to be a certified citizen of Italy to get a new passport. Below are some of the types of passports you can get at the consulate:

Mortuary Passport

Regular passport

Urgent Passport

Emergency Travel Document





Other Consulate Services

The table below will show a list of other consulate services you can obtain and their cost.

Other types of notary services$33.80
Acknowledgment from the consulate$79.70
Application for recognition of citizenship$362.10
Authentication of signature$16.90
Certificate of citizenship$13.30
Renunciation of citizenship$49.50
Translation services$15.70 per page

You can visit the consulate webpage to see other services offered and the costs attached to them.

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