File a Complaint Against Interflora and Get Compensated

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File a Complaint Against Interflora and Get Compensated

For over 90 years, Interflora has been helping the good people of the UK spread their love through flowers. The company's 'same and next-day' flower delivery services have been especially convenient, allowing you to have the hand-crafted flowers delivered by hand to your loved one's doorstep.

But even with all its good reputation, Interflora sometimes falls short of its promise. Time and again, customers have lodged complaints, ranging from lousy delivery times, wrong flower deliveries, or flowers arriving in a terrible state. And as you know, flowers don't come cheap.

Now, while , it often takes an eternity before getting feedback or a satisfactory solution.

If you need to address your issue ASAP, DoNotPay is here to help. We will reach out to Interflora for you, do all the waiting and make sure your complaint is dealt with in the end.

How to Contact Interflora to Make a Complaint

There are a couple of ways to . The most popular ones include:

Helpline0333 600 7003
Interflora SocialsFacebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Ideally, you should receive feedback within 1-2 business days. However, this doesn't necessarily mean it will be your desired feedback. If your complaint has not been solved fully, you still have a right to pursue it further until they get it right.

In this case, DoNotPay can assist. Using our advanced channels, we can get through to them and make sure they do their due diligence to you as their customer.

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Interflora

So what if the response you received was unsatisfactory? Do you just admit defeat and quit there? Well no! There are other third parties you can contact to intercede on your behalf.

ADR Schemes

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) schemes are independent bodies that impartially review disputes between two entities and later render a conclusion based on the facts provided by both parties. Here you can resolve your complaints in four main ways: arbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation, and settlement conference.

You are justified to forward your case to an ADR scheme if:

  1. You've already brought it up with Interflora, but it hasn't been resolved
  2. It has been at least eight weeks since you first complained to your provider


An ombudsman is an individual tasked to investigate company and organization complaints. Ombudspersons are nonpartisan because they are independent, free, and impartial. They can fight for you and ensure you get justice.

Before going to an ombudsman, you should try to address your concern with the organization first. Ombudspersons are notorious for taking their time to respond, let alone do the actual investigation. Also, they will not investigate a case that Is already in court.

Small Claims Court

If you've done everything in your power to reach a common understanding but have received nothing in return, you can take it a step further by presenting your case in small claims court.

Ensure that you have all your evidence put together, as this will play a huge role in getting you your compensation.

Note that there is a maximum amount you can claim using a small claims court. Some examples include:

  • £10,000 in Wales
  • £5,000 in Scotland
  • £3,000 in Ireland

Get All Your Customer Service Issue Sorted Out by DoNotPay

By letting DoNotPay handle your complaints, you can spend your time doing all your other more important duties. Remember, it is your right to complain if you didn't get value for your money. And we provide the means to do just that.

Other than Interflora, we can help make complaints to all kinds of other organizations or entities, including:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

At DoNotPay, we boast a well-established network and the tools to make your everyday errands as easy as they can be. Other than help filing complaints against companies such as Interflora, we can help with other everyday mundane tasks, including:

And this is just one of many. You'd be surprised by how much we can get done. Join us today to file a formal complaint against Interflora quickly!

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