File a Formal Complaint Against Howdens and Hear Back Today

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File a Formal Complaint Against Howdens and Hear Back Today

If you have purchased a new kitchen from Howdens and are disappointed in the results, then you may want to file a complaint. Howden's is typically a good company for both trade and consumer kitchens as well as doors, floors, even lighting and electrical. However, errors happen and if you have bought furniture or an entire room you may feel as if you are out a lot of money.

Filing a requires understanding the company's protocols.

DoNotPay can help you get results if you need to complain to Howden's or to hundreds of other companies including

Does Howdens Offer a Guarantee?

Yes, Howdens offers a variety of guarantees on most of their products. For example, they offer a 25-year guarantee, based on installation, on kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, although this drops to 5 years for doors. These guarantees only cover defects in the manufacturing process not faulty installation. (Howdens does not do their own installation).

Obligations are limited to repair, replacement, or refund of the original cost. But this is still a solid guarantee, and you should be able to file a claim under it for apparent defects. The guarantee also excludes

  1. Accessories or consumables
  2. Wilful damage, negligence, accidental damage or misuse
  3. Alterations or repairs made by a third party
  4. Failure to store or use the product properly
  5. Excessive moisture
  6. Improper storage
  7. Damage is caused by events outside Howdens' control such as fires, floods, or vandalism.
  8. Fair wear and tear
  9. Damage caused by pets, insects, or animals.

You will need to provide proof of purchase to make a claim.

How to Complain to Howdens

Howdens directs most customer service requests and complaints to your local depot or the depot from which you purchased the items. This includes guarantee claims. In most cases, talking to your local depot is the best answer to your complaint and the fastest way to get things resolved.

However, if your local store is not playing ball, you can call Howdens customer service at 01604 876000. Howdens does not provide an email address or online form, although your local store may have an email address you can use.

This means that you may be out of luck if you hate making phone calls or would otherwise prefer to use an online method. (You also always have the option of going to your local store and talking to them directly).

Bear in mind that Howdens does not take responsibility for installation problems and you will need to go to your installer for that. If you installed it yourself, you may be out of luck, but it is still worth attempting to get help from them. They may also be able to give you the advice to fix the problem.

Ways to Contact Howden’s Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us and Help and Advice
Phone Number01604 876000
FacebookHowdens Official

Alternative Ways to Get Satisfaction from Howdens

First of all, it's worth remembering that while Howdens does sell direct to consumers, they are primarily focused on selling to tradesmen. This does not affect your rights as a consumer, but it does affect the way they operate in ways which can sometimes cause confusion.

You can, however, resort to various mechanisms to help make sure that you get a repair, replacement, or your money back.

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is a form of mediation or arbitration designed to keep both you and Howdens out of court. While this form of resolution is intended for things like energy and telecommunication, it is becoming more and more common in other sectors.
  2. The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman. Sometimes even mentioning the word "ombudsman" can get a company to behave. The ombudsman exists to resolve disputes and raise standards. They provide ADR services and help you understand your rights.
  3. Small claims. As a last resort, you can take Howdens to small claims court. However, the ceiling is only £10,000, and some luxury kitchens or other rooms might exceed this value.

Your best bet is often to go to the ombudsman, and DoNotPay can help you with this somewhat complicated process. It is, however, much more straightforward than going to court and the company generally prefers it too.

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