The Best Way to Cancel Ashley Madison Subscription

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How to Cancel an Ashley Madison Subscription Easily With DoNotPay

The social networking and online dating service Ashley Madison has always been known for its discretion. That means when it comes time to close your Ashley Madison account for whatever reason, you have the option to remove all your personal data and account details permanently. The process of deleting an account is relatively straightforward for some users. However, due to Ashley Madison's complicated pricing structure, you may need additional help to ensure there are no lingering subscriptions that will come back to haunt you.

Whether you're done with the dating scene for good, or just need to take a break, DoNotPay has all the info you need for suspending or . Keep reading to learn how to:

  • Compare Credits Vs Subscriptions
  • Get an Ashley Madison Free Trial
  • Deactivate Your Account Temporarily
  • Delete Your Account Permanently
  • Cancel Any Service or Subscription ith DoNotPay

Looking to Get Rid of Ashley Madison?

If you're looking to and you need to cancel your subscription or account, make sure to take the right steps. You have options, so it's important to know the difference between canceling your monthly subscription and deleting your entire account.

Ashley Madison's Credits and Subscriptions

Many active Ashley Madison users find themselves spending hundreds of dollars every month on the dating platform. Instead of a basic subscription model, Ashley Madison uses a combination of credits and/or subscriptions to allow members to access its various features. It's easy to lose track of your spending when every interaction with another user costs multiple credits. For example, one hour of live chat costs 50 credits.

Once you start purchasing, Ashley Madison will prompt you to activate their auto-renewal subscription so your credits are always topped-up at the beginning of each month. Additionally, you can opt into the MIC fee (Member Initiated Contact fee) to access messaging services without having to pay with credits, which is free for the first month and $29.99 a month after that.

These Ashley Madison upsells can become extremely pricey over the months if you don't cancel the auto-renewal. Here's Ashley Madison's pricing structure:

Ashley Madison Subscriptions
Basic100 credits$59
Classic500 credits$169
Elite1,000 credits$289
MICFree messaging$29.99/month

Ready to shut down that auto-renewal? Here's how you can cancel your Ashley Madison monthly subscription without deleting your entire account:

  1. Log in to your Ashley Madison account online with your email address and password.
  2. Select “Manage Profile” on the navigation bar
  3. Click on the “Manage Subscriptions option.
  4. Choose the subscription package that you wish to cancel.
  5. Confirm that you want to cancel monthly payments.

How to Avoid Automatic Renewals With the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Have you been saddled with auto-renewal purchases one too many times following a free trial? Don't you wish you could've tested out Ashley Madison for free before getting stuck in an annoying subscription situation?

DoNotPay has a clever workaround that can give you access to an Ashley Madison free trial without getting charged. This lets you peruse Ashley Madison's services without having to disclose your credit card or banking information, thanks to DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card.

It gets you free trials to any subscription you can think of without having to commit. Be sure to check out this useful DoNotPay product, and read to the end of this article to learn what else DoNotPay can do.

How to Deactivate Your Ashley Madison Account Temporarily

Did you know you have the option of temporarily suspending your Ashley Madison account? All your information is still available to you when you're ready to restore your account, but your profile will be hidden from the public and will not show up in search results. Follow these steps to temporarily deactivate your Ashley Madison account:

  • Log in to the website
  • Click the Manage Profile tab (near the top of the page)
  • Select Delete Profile (in the menu on the left)
  • Choose Deactivate Your Profile
  • On the next page, give a reason for your deactivation.
  • Finish by clicking on Deactivate and confirm your action in the pop-up.

When you are ready to restore your Ashley Madison account, you can simply use your regular log-in information to reactivate, or you can contact customer service via email.

How to Permanently Delete Your Ashley Madison Account

Let's say you're ready to get rid of your Ashley Madison account for good. Here's exactly what full deletion removes:

  • Your profile and all uploaded photos
  • Profile from search results
  • All messages sent and received
  • Any messages from recipient's mailboxes, including Winks & Gifts
  • Site usage history
  • Personally identifiable information

There is no way to restore your profile once you have selected the option to fully delete your account. Any unused credits left on your account expire immediately and will be forfeited. Here are the online steps you'll need to take to cancel Ashley Madison forever:

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click the Manage Profile tab
  3. Click on Delete Profile in the left-hand menu
  4. Select Delete Your Profile, the second option on the right side of screen
  5. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window
  6. Allow up to 48 hours for full deletion to process

Cancel Your Ashely Madison Account With the Help of DoNotPay

Unlike a secret affair, DoNotPay is extremely easy to manage. That's because we do all the work for you when it's time to handle an out-of-control subscription or cancel an unwanted account. Save yourself the time and frustration of on your own, and let DoNotPay manage the cancellation on your behalf.

It's as easy as one-two-three:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

DoNotPay will notify you once the service has been officially canceled.

Cancel Other Subscriptions and Achieve Even More With DoNotPay

We've already mentioned how DoNotPay can help you score free trials with our virtual credit card. The truth is, we have lots more goodies up our sleeve. As promised, we want to show you some of the other ways DoNotPay can help you.

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