How to Fight a Hounslow PCN Easily

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Challenge Hounslow Parking Charge Notice (PCN) from Your Phone and Win!

There are times when you are caught in a hurry that you tend to forget your parking obligations, attracting a parking charge notice (PCN). The is common to parking offenders in Hounslow and can be issued by traffic wardens even after 28 days of the traffic offence. The traffic warders often operate under the local traffic authority: the London Borough of Hounslow council, which issues penalty charges and receives the PCN payments or appeals from the traffic offenders.

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Receiving a Parking Charge Notice in Hounslow

A PCN in Hounslow is usually issued to motorists who contravene any parking regulations. Local authorities: the London borough of Hounslow is charged with maintaining traffic order and giving parking tickets to offenders, where they continue to pursue the matter as a civil offence.

There are no criminal charges preferred when it comes to parking charge notices. The PCNs are issued through a yellow cover notice affixed to your car’s windscreen, and where you are not the driver or the vehicle owner, removing the notice will attract a penalty. A parking charge notice includes:

  • A two-digit code for the contravention
  • The details of your vehicle
  • Details on the charges that you have incurred
  • The issuer of the PCN
  • Description of the offence
  • The time and date of issue

The London Councils Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement treats PCNs as prima facie evidence for parking contravention. Failure to service the penalty within 28 days, you are given a charge certificate with a 14-day timeline for the payment of the fine.

The charge certificate also includes a 50% increase on the original penalty charge amount. If 14 days go by without any action, you will get a court order demanding that you pay the PCN, after which prosecution will follow on failure to adhere to the order.

If you receive a PCN, you can either pay the charge meted on you or challenge the fee through an appeal to the London borough of Hounslow council.

Hounslow Council Contact Information
Phone020 8583 2000
Postal AddressLondon Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow House

7 Bath Road





How to Pay a Parking Fine in Hounslow PCN Council

You usually have up to four weeks (28 days) to pay the PCN. In some instances, if you make payment within two weeks, you might qualify for a discount.

Here’s how you can settle the PCN fine:

  1. You can make your Hounslow PCN payments via their online platform.
  2. You can pay using your credit card details by telephoning them at 0333 800 0107
  3. You can send a cheque to their postal address: London Borough of Hounslow, PO Box 211, Sheffield S98 1NG

How Do I Challenge a Parking Fine?

When you feel that the PCN is unjustified or was imposed on you unfairly, you are encouraged to appeal to the London borough of Hounslow council. The appeal should be submitted to the council within 28 days after receiving the PCN; otherwise, you may lose the right to appeal once time has elapsed.

  • Any representation for the appeal is made in writing to the Hounslow council.
  • Attach evidence that supports your PCN challenge, including arguments in detail as to why you are challenging the PCN. You may use CCTV footage as evidence, which you can request from the council to solidify your challenge.
  • The decision by the council is rendered to you after 56 days of submitting the appeal. Should the Hounslow council accept the appeal, the PCN is cancelled, and if rejected, you will be sent a notice of rejection. After a rejected appeal, you will either have the option of taking your appeal to an independent tribunal or paying the fine.

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