How to Get Hotpoint To Take Your Complaints Seriously

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How to Get Hotpoint To Take Your Complaints Seriously

Hotpoint is a popular appliance store in the UK that also provides maintenance and repair services. The company was built in 1911 with the iron being their first major product. Through the years, they have expanded to cooking products such as microwaves and range hoods. Their most sellable products, however, include home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners.

Considering the large customer base of HotPoint, it is not surprising that they have a high number of complaints as well. The most common and serious include bad customer service, missing and damaged orders, and missing refunds.

Other complaints were:

  1. Orders that arrive late
  2. Extra charges
  3. Pushy salespeople
  4. Repair issues

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How to File a Complaint Against Hotpoint Appliances

guarantees that all complaints and problems will be dealt with promptly and remedied to the best of their ability. The problem is that statement isn't always true. They do provide a few ways to get your problems addressed. Just pick the one that works best for you.

File Complaints Directly With Hotpoint

Hotpoint considers complaints made directly through their live chatbot as well as online and via telephone. They encourage consumers to file complaints in several ways for the best results. Your first line of action is to schedule a repair for your appliance by contacting Hotpoint.

Ways to Contact Hotpoint Customer Support
OnlineOfficial Website
Phone Number0843 636 2617
Online Contact FormMake a Complaint
Mailing AddressMorley Way Peterborough


Use the Help Centre

Use the help centre to lodge a formal complaint. First, you have to follow their procedures for the complaint topic you need. Choices include:

  • Repairs
  • Products
  • Advice
  • Delivery
  • Registry

Click on the new or existing claim link to begin a complaint.

Alternative Options for Complaints Against Hotpoint

The consensus seems to be that if you complain to Hotpoint, you don't get the result you're after. If this occurs in your situation, you'll need to find an alternative method of getting attention to your issue.

There are three alternate options for solving customer disputes in the UK.

  1. Ombudsman

Ombudsmen are people trained and appointed to investigate buyer complaints against businesses, hospitals, schools, and other entities. They are independent and unbiased. You can to an ombudsman if you've tried going through official company means and received unsatisfactory results but have not progressed to small claims court. For complaints about Hotpoint, you'll need a private sector ombudsman.

2. Alternate Dispute Resolution Schemes

Buyers can turn to alternate dispute resolution schemes to settle disputes. The point is to keep people with minor consumer concerns out of the courtroom and prevent overworked courts. There are two forms of ADR, arbitration, and mediation. Mediation involves meeting with an unbiased third party who helps contradictory parties come to a mutually acceptable result. Arbitration employs an impartial third party to consider both sides and all the facts on hand to deliver a binding decision to both parties, resolving the issue.

3. Small Claims Court

Filing a grievance in small claims court should always be the last resort. Only serious legal offences should be brought to court. Where you live and where the problem happened affects the claim value limit available. The limit in Wales and the UK, for instance, is £10,000.

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