How to File a Formal Complaint Against Horizon Parking

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How to File a Formal Complaint Against Horizon Parking

If you receive a parking charge notice by Horizon Parking and wish to , you typically have to do it through a form on their website or in writing. According to Horizon Parking, there has never been a time when parking spaces were needed than there is right now with a 2.2% increase of vehicles on UK roads from last year to more than 35.8 million. Because of this, the need for management of parking space and time efficiency is needed.

Horizon Parking does this exactly. They're the quickest growing parking management company in the UK. They manage more than 2,500 car parks in the UK for clients of both private and public sectors from retail, leisure, education, residential, healthcare, and transport.

There are likely many Horizon Parking complaints and yours may slip through the cracks or simply not get resolved. If you've filed a complaint through Horizon Parking and nothing gets resolved, you may need to take further action. This is where DoNotPay can step in and help.

How to Make a Complaint to Horizon Parking

Keep in mind that Horizon Parking doesn't handle over the phone. You must forward all complaints in writing.

Ways to File Horizon Parking Complaints
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Here are the steps to follow for Horizon Parking complaints:

1. Make Your Complaint

The Complaints Department will log in your complaint into their system if it hasn't been resolved already. They'll then assign the right individual to investigate the complaint and take the necessary action. If your complaint is related to a certain individual, then that individual will be notified and provided with a fair chance to respond.

The Complaints Department will acknowledge your complaint within seven days. They'll include a copy of the complaints process and a unique reference number for this acknowledgement.

You should receive a response from Horizon Parking about the complaint within 28 days. If this isn't possible for any reason, such as the investigation isn't totally complete, they'll send a progress report with the potential date you should receive a full reply.

Regardless of whether the complaint is upheld, the response you receive will describe:

  • The investigation conclusions
  • What the actions were to start the complaint investigation
  • What the actions were to rectify the complaint

2. Request Further Investigation of Complaint

If for any reason you feel the issue hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction during the first stage of the process, you can ask that the complaint be sent for further investigation by Senior Management.

The party who handled the complaint initially during the first stage of the process will continue to be informed of the continued investigation.Horizon Parking will again have 28 days to respond to the complaint. If this isn't possible due to, for example, the investigation not being completed fully, you'll receive a progress report with another date of when you can expect a full reply.

You'll receive what action is taken to rectify the complaint, the investigation conclusions, and the action that was taken in response to the complaint. At this stage, the decision that's taken is final, with the exception of Senior Management deciding there's reason to seek further assistance from an external source for resolution.

3. Further Action

If at this point you decide you require further assistance, you can send your complaints to the British Parking Association (BPA). You can find information on their website about the types of complaints the BPA will get involved in.

It's important to understand that you can submit your complaint to Horizon Parking or to the BPA. Regardless, each has its own complaint process and your complaint won't be handled simultaneously.

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Horizon Parking

You may submit a complaint to a company for various reasons. Regardless of what your complaint is, it's proper to give the company the opportunity to make things right before pursuing action elsewhere.

1. Complain to the Company First

The first step is to submit your complaint first to Horizon Parking directly. You'll want to put it in writing by either email or letter. Follow Horizon Parking's complaint procedure to ensure your complaint is handled properly and escalated through the official process of the company.

Keep all copies of any documents you send to Horizon Parking, such as contracts and bills, and the date you sent them. Take note of the set time limit your complaint will be resolved.

2. Use an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme

Organisations that are within specific sectors have the obligation to provide an ADR service, such as in telecommunications organisations, for instance. In other sectors, you'll find arbitration and mediation schemes, particularly if the organisation is part of a trade association. Builders or travel companies are a good example of this.

An ADR scheme is designed to help both parties come up with an amicable solution. They'll also help adjudicate a dispute through independent arbitration. An arbitrator's decision is binding for both parties.

3. Use an Ombudsman

These are types of ADR. Prior to going to an ombudsman, you typically should have reached a deadlock position with the company first.

This occurs when you've already gone through the complaints procedure of the company and are now at a point where they believe there's nothing more that can be done to rectify your complaint. At this point, you'll request a letter of deadlock from the company to illustrate you've done everything possible to rectify the complaint. The Ombudsman will look at both sides of the dispute, acting like independent referees, to provide a solution. They'll act only when administrative or service errors have occurred.

4. Use the Small Claims Court

As a final solution, you can go through small claims court if you feel the contract was breached by the company. Prior to using small claims court, first, you'll have to show you've tried all other ways of seeking redress.

Take note, in the small claims court in Wales and England, you can only claim up to £10,000. It's £5,000 in Scotland, and £3,000 in Northern Ireland.

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