How to Challenge Your Hawaii Parking Tickets

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How to Appeal Hawaii Parking Tickets Easily

Hawaii is one of the states with the most unpaid parking tickets, and rightfully so. The city is notorious for issuing parking tickets for violations that never occurred. In 2020, Hawaii News Now reported the state had over $11 million in unpaid fines due to data entry mistakes and poor handwriting.

If you're illegally issued a parking ticket in Hawaii and are confident you never committed the violation. In that case, the state allows you to dispute the through their official channels. This DoNotPay post explains the different ways you can fight a Hawaii parking ticket.

How Much Does a Parking Ticket Cost in Hawaii?

The cost of a varies depending on the parking violation committed. You may also pay extra if you fail to pay the initial fine on time. This table shows the price of a parking ticket for each offense:

Violation CodeOffense DescriptionFineFine + Penalty
9a.1Parking in places that are prohibited but not limited to the following areas: driveways, lawns, sidewalks, grounds under repair medial strips, crosswalks, and planted areas$40$50
9a.2Parking in areas not designated for your specific vehicle type$40$50
9a.3Parking or operating a motor vehicle of any type inside a building$40$50
9a.4Not parked wholly or double parking$40$50
9a.5Parking in a reserved stall$50$60
9a.6Parking in spaces for persons with disabilities$260$270
9a.6a (i)Not displaying a placard$260$270
9a.6a (ii)Displaying an invalid special plate or placard$260$270
9a.6bForgetting to display placards while parking in a disability parking space$260$270
9a.7Parking for more than 15 minutes in a loading zone$50$60
9a.15Driving on areas other than roads, parking areas, or streets$97$107
9a.8Parking in an incorrect zone$40$50
9a.9Parking without a licensed permit$40$50
9a.11Failing to pay daily parking fees$40$50
9a.12Doctoring information on an application$50$60
9a.13Displaying or using an invalid permit or pass$40$50
9a.14Possessing or using an altered, defaced, counterfeit, stolen, or illegally transferred permit$100$110

How to Pay for Your Parking Ticket in Hawaii

If you admit to committing a parking violation in Hawaii and are issued with a parking ticket, you can pay for the Hawaii parking ticket through the following channels:

1. In-Person

You can clear your parking ticket in Hawaii in person with a check, money order, or prepaid card to any district court on your island. Note that you may pay an additional $25 fee for late or dishonored payments.

2. Phone

You can admit to the parking violation by calling the district court at (800) 679-5949 and paying for your parking ticket using your prepaid card. Make sure to have the parking ticket number or license plate for easier confirmation.

3. Online

Visit Hawaii e-traffic portal and fill out the online payment form to clear your parking ticket fee. Input your details and select the payment method you'd like to use to pay for your parking ticket.

4. Mail

Send your parking ticket fee to any of Hawaii's district courts in a pre-addressed envelope. You can do this through check or money order.

Can I Contest/Dispute/Appeal My Parking Ticket in Hawaii?

If you didn't commit a parking violation and get a parking ticket, you can appeal the ticket by submitting a written statement requesting a hearing. Your letter must be mailed in a pre-addressed envelope to the district court on your island within 21 days of issuing.

On the day of the hearing, a judge will listen to your case and determine whether you committed the infringement or not based on the evidence at hand. If the ruling isn't in your favor, you can appeal the judgment within 30 days of the verdict by requesting a trial. If the trial goes in your favor, the judge will vacate the infraction, and if they don't, you must pay the parking ticket plus additional penalties as the judge sees fit.

Contest Parking Tickets in Hawaii in Less Than 120 Seconds

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