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How to Successfully Appeal a Havering Penalty Charge Notice

Your vehicle has been captured by the watchful CCTV eyes around the London Borough of Havering and now you have a issued for the contravention. Your first and only thought is to simply pay the fine, take advantage of the 50% reduction by paying the fine within 14 days and life goes about its merry way.

Then as quickly as you decided to pay the PCN you suddenly remember that you had loaned your vehicle to a friend that particular day because you were on holiday and did not have nor need the vehicle. Now what?

Knowledge is power so let's get you powered up on the appeal process for your Havering PCN. As we go through the steps and procedures and obey the PCN timeframe to comply remember that there is a much easier and quicker solution by using DoNotPay for your Havering PCN appeal.

Let's Get Your Havering PCN Appeal Started

Begin your Havering PCN by going to the Havering home page at havering.gov.uk and scrolling to mid-page to find the access to 'Parking, Roads, Transport and Travel', and open the link.

On the Parking, Roads, Transport and Travel page select the number 2 item which reads, ‘Appeal against a parking ticket or traffic fine.

This next section is packaged neatly with bits of information the first of which is a checklist of items to see if you can appeal to your Havering PCN. It is recommended that you first check the restrictions where the PCN was issued before mounting a challenge.

Look at how the restrictions apply or if they apply to your PCN.

After all the checks have been assessed you may then file your informal challenge to the charges against your vehicle in the PCN.

You can request to see the video footage of the CCTV evidence. You will need the reference number of your PCN and follow the instructions on the 'Request Video or Photo Evidence' link.

Payment Methods
Pay OnlineCivica Payments Portal - Services you can pay for
Pay Over the Phone0300 456 0630
Enquiry FormNo RRC Parking PCN Online enquiry form - Enquiry details

Other Contact Details and Contact Information
WebsiteThe London Borough of Havering
General Enquiries Telephone01708 434343
Enquiry HoursMonday to Friday9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Text Relay Service18001 01708 434343
PostYou can also write to us at:

London Borough of Havering

Town Hall

Main Road



My Challenge Was Denied What Can I Do?

If you are denied cancellation of the PCN don't worry you can then refer to the letter of denial sent to you by the Havering Council. On that letter will be specific instructions for appealing the council's decision.

But It Wasn’t Me That Was Driving the Vehicle

There is legislation that holds the keeper of the vehicle liable for any incurred PCN fines even though someone else was operating the vehicle. Even though you were nowhere around the area the day the contravention was witnessed by the CCTV.

It might be at this point that you contact the family member or friend who was driving and alert them to the facts and propose a reasonable solution.

Remember That a PCN is Time Sensitive

Don't make the mistake of letting the PCN slip your mind even for a split second. There are time guidelines for every phase of the life of a PCN and you should familiarize yourself with them.

For example:

  1. You can elect to pay the PCN to take advantage of the 50% reduction if paid within 14 days of receiving the PCN.
  2. No action taken on the PCN within 28 days will lead to a Charge Certificate issued.
  3. The Charge Certificate needs prompt attention or there will be an Order for Recovery issued and your original fine amount will be increased by 50% and payable immediately.
  4. Failure to comply at this point will result in the PCN being turned over to an Enforcement Agent who will visit your home in an attempt to collect on a debt.

Long before this issue has a chance of becoming a matter for an Enforcement Agent, you should know about making your Appeal to Havering Council regarding the PCN the fast and easy way with DoNotPay. Look at how this is accomplished in the next section.

Havering PCN Appeal Letters From DoNotPay

DoNotPay is your one-stop information hub for any PCN appeal. The Parking Tickets UK product from DoNotPay has been used successfully thousands of times by common citizens from London to New York City.

DoNotPay is the world's first AI Consumer Champion that has successfully levelled the playing field to make issues like appealing your Havering PCN a fast and easy to navigate solution.

To get started using DoNotPay is just as easy as filling out an application for services. Answer a few basic questions and the heavy lifting in your case will be handled by DoNotPay working on your behalf.

Here’s How:

DoNotPay can help you fight your Havering PCN by writing the correctly worded appeal letter for you to send in.

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and go to the Ticket Disputes category. Select the Parking Ticket product.
  2. Upload a photo of your citation.
  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.
  4. That's it! You'll receive an appeal letter that contains the best argument to win your case.

It's that simple! You can use the carefully crafted appeal letter to serve as your argument when you challenge your ticket.

What Other Things Can I Do With DoNotPay?

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As long as there are vehicles that need places to park there will be parking tickets and PCNs issued. Let DoNotPay show you the fast and easy way to make today!

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