Get Greggs To Take Your Complaints Seriously In 4 Easy Steps

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Get Greggs To Take Your Complaints Seriously In 4 Easy Steps

Greggs is one of the leading bakery food chains in the UK that specialises in savoury foods and beverages. Unfortunately, customers have complained about the company's food hygiene, cold food products, and communication issues. Some clients have raised concerns over witnessing employees touching food without gloves and hair nets. Other clients have complained about being served cold food products despite requests for reheating. While some about communication issues after experiencing delivery delays, wrong orders, and difficulties in cancelling or changing orders.

When filing , you may visit their official website and file an online complaint. There is also the option of creating a Twitter post or making a direct call to customer care services. Although the choice to complain is personal, it is advisable to obtain help to avoid unforeseen problems. For instance, tweeting a complaint may create safety problems and expose you to social media trolls.

DoNotPay is here to help. Our digital system offers an automated, safe, fast, and convenient complaint filing platform. We make filing online complaints against fast food establishments like Chipotle, Starbucks, and hassle-free. Read on to learn how you can get a quicker response and better customer service using DoNotPay’s user-friendly interface.

How to Contact Greggs to Make a Complaint

The steps below are essential for successfully launching a complaint against Greggs.

  • Make Greggs aware of your negative experience by contacting the company and informing them of the situation.
  • Follow the standard procedure required by filing complaints to ensure the message reaches the concerned personnel.
  • Include a copy of documents, receipts, or pictures to share as proof of the negative situation with the institution.

To file a directly, you may use the contact information below:

How to Reach Greggs Customer Support

WebsiteGreggs Online
Phone Number0808-147-3447 or 0191-212-7624
TwitterSend a Tweet
Online Contact FormHelp Form

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Greggs

If you fail to solve Greggs complaints through direct contact with the company, you could try the following alternatives.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Schemes

Failure to resolve Greggs complaints may require you to resort to alternative dispute resolution techniques to settle outside court. The UK government regulates ADR schemes in large and established financial, telecommunications, and energy organisations. You can settle Greggs complaints under the unregulated ADR scheme of the food and beverage or hotel industry.

Commonly Practised ADR Schemes Include:

  1. Arbitration - a contacted independent third party evaluates the facts and makes a binding decision on behalf of conflict parties.
  1. Mediation - the conflicting parties and an independent third party evaluate the case and settle on a mutually acceptable decision.

The ADR scheme used within the dispute resolution should be a mutual decision between you and Greggs's management. Arbitration and mediation will require you to show that you have already filed a complaint with the company. You must include your tweet, online complaints form, or invoice indicating you contacted Greggs.

Arbitration falsely binding; as such, you can't dispute the decision in court or consult an ombudsman. However, mediation is not legally binding, allowing you to contact an ombudsman or the small court if you're unhappy.

Contact an Ombudsman

An ombudsman is an independent third party who will provide settlement for the complaint presented against Greggs. You hire a private ombudsman to handle Greggs complaints. Before approaching an ombudsman, you must have exhausted all conflict resolution attempts with Greggs. You will need a letter of deadlock from the company which indicates you have exhausted all resolution avenues. An ombudsman will give Greggs at least eight weeks to address concerns after the deadlock letter before commencing investigations.

You will present the ombudsman with copies of complaint records, including tweets, phone number invoices, and online complaint forms. The ombudsman will examine both sides' facts and evidence before deciding on the complaint's legitimacy.

After determining the validity of the complaint, the ombudsman will provide their recommendations. If you agree with the recommendation, the ombudsman will contact Greggs and make a legally binding settlement. However, you can take the complaints to the small claim court if unsatisfied.

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