How to Get Free TikTok Followers Trial Without a Credit Card

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How to Get Free TikTok Followers Trial Without a Credit Card

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps on Android and iOS, but starting your TikTok following can be intimidating if you have zero followers. Is there an easy way to get a free TikTok followers trial?

Several sites promise a , but they often have strings attached. They want your phone number, email address, and even credit card to sign up. We will show you how to sign up for a free TikTok followers trial and how to use DoNotPay to generate a virtual credit card. DoNotPay's free virtual credit card lets you sign up for services without the risk of being charged when the trial date ends.

Do TikTok Follower Generators Offer a Free Trial?

Several websites promise free TikTok followers.TikFuel, one of the most popular websites, promises a trial of 125 TikTok followers for free. If you are satisfied with the service, you can also buy as many followers as you like from the site. 125 free TikTok followers is currently the only free trial offered by TikFuel.

Another site that promises 10 free TikTok followers when you sign up for a trial is Followersup. While they only provide 10 followers in the free trial, plans start at $2. The website also offers likes and views for TikTok and Instagram.

How Can I Get Free a TikTok Followers Trial?

Here are the steps to get from TikFuel and Followersup.


To get a free TikTok followers trial from TikFuel, you will need the following:

  • A public TikTok profile
  • A valid email address for verification purposes
  • Must not have already applied for free TikTok followers

Enter your TikTok username, email address, and name in the application form, and you should receive your 125 free followers in 15 minutes on average. You will not need a credit card to apply for the free trial and they will not ask for your account password.


To sign up for 10 free followers from Followersup, follow this short guide:

  1. Click "Get Free Followers"
  2. Click "Buy Now"
  3. Enter your email address and TikTok profile browser link
  4. Read and agree to the terms of service
  5. Select "Free" under payment methods

Followersup does not require a credit card to sign up for the free trial and will not ask for your account password. They promise delivery of the followers within 24 hours.

Avoid Automatic Subscription Charges With the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

When you sign up for a free trial with a credit card, it can be easy to forget to cancel your subscription before the company starts charging you. Many companies take advantage of your forgetfulness to make money from a subscription you may not even want. How can you participate in a free trial without falling victim to paying for a subscription you have no interest in continuing?

The DoNotPay free virtual credit card takes care of the risk when applying for a free trial with a credit card. Follow these steps to sign up for a free virtual credit card from DoNotPay:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay
  2. Look for the "Free Trial Card" tab or search for it with our AI assistant
  3. Answer the questions and generate your virtual credit card
  4. Sign up for your free trial using the DoNotPay virtual credit card

You will be able to take advantage of the free trial with no financial risk. DoNotPay cancels the subscription automatically when the trial reaches its end. We can also help you use DoNotPay to get a free phone number for TikTok, so you can keep your phone number private.

With DoNotPay, you can sign up for any trial that requires your credit card information risk-free. Sign up for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Audible, and much more without paying any fees when the trial expires. DoNotPay removes the card from the account automatically. Since you never entered your personal credit card, the company cannot charge you.

How Much Do TikTok Followers Cost After the Trial?

After the trial, you can order more TikTok followers from TikFuel or Followersup. See the table below for pricing:

Number of FollowersCostDelivery Time
TikFuel100$ 815 minutes
500$ 3230 minutes
1000 $ 5590 minutes
2500$ 118180 minutes
Followersup100$ 324 hours
500$ 724 hours
1000$ 1224 hours
10000$ 891 week

What Else Can DoNotPay Solve?

DoNotPay can generate a free trial card and much more. DoNotPay is the world's first AI Consumer Champion, with the ability to send demand letters to, send demands, and fight greedy and unethical organizations. DoNotPay can help you with the following problems:

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