Get in Touch With FPL Customer Service Without the Long Waits!

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You Don’t Have To Wait on Hold When Reaching FPL Customer Service!

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is one of the largest electric utility services in the United States, serving approximately 4.8 million customers in Florida. In 2017, FPL was recognized as a J.D. Power and Associates POWER 25 company for the eighth consecutive year and was named one of the sustainability leaders by the Environmental Protection Agency.

FPL is a subsidiary of Juno-Beach-based NextEra Energy, Inc., which invests in low-carbon energy resources to help meet Florida's clean energy goals. The company was formed in 1925, and it now provides electricity to more than half of Florida's population.

If you need to reach FPL customer service and make an inquiry, we’ll break down all the available contact methods. FPL maintains a consumer-friendly website that offers information about monthly rates, deposits, credits, and other important matters. The company also provides a phone number if you want to make a payment and a live chat in case you want to send them a message instead of calling.

, and learn how to reach FPL customer service without waiting on hold! We can dial the company in your stead and notify you once someone answers!

How To Contact Florida Power and Light Customer Service Yourself

Don’t want to contact customer service right away? You don’t have to! FPL provides a ton of useful info on its website. You can browse it and look for the assistance you need. That way, you won’t have to deal with unresponsive support agents and get annoyed when they don’t pick up the phone.

You can check out FPL’s website to learn how to:

  • View or pay your bill
  • Ask for a payment extension
  • Deposit information
  • Read your meter
  • See your Billing & Payment History
  • Add another account
  • Acquire service charge information
  • Update user ID or password
  • Locate your FPL Account Number
  • Use FPL Pay Online
  • Enroll
  • Pay now
  • Update your Pay Online Information
  • Schedule a payment
  • Edit or cancel a scheduled payment
  • Report an outage
  • Check the status of an outage
  • Report a streetlight that's not working
  • Deal with power disturbances
  • Submit a claim

If you don’t find the assistance you need by visiting FPL’s website, don’t worry! Reaching the company’s customer service department is always an option.

You can reach Florida Power & Light customer service:

  1. By phone
  2. Via live chat
  3. Online
  4. Through social media

Contacting FPL Customer Service by Phone

FPL provides its customers with the option to pay bills and check their balances by phone. You should dial 1-800-226-5885 and inquire about what you need.

You can expect to wait for a while before your call gets answered since FPL’s customer service isn’t known for responding quickly. If you wish to avoid waiting, you can use our Skip Waiting on Hold product. We’ll call FPL on your behalf and wait for a customer service rep to pick up. Once they do, we’ll alert you, and you can come back to ask them what you need to know.

Assisting you in jumping the FPL phone queue isn’t all our app can do for you! We can also help you pay your FPL bill!

Reaching FPL Florida Customer Service via Live Chat

If you don’t want to inquire about your balance or pay your bill, you can chat with an FPL virtual assistant instead. Here’s how to initiate the process:

  1. Go to FPL’s Contact Us page
  2. Click on Virtual Chat
  3. Type in your question
  4. Press Ask

Keep in mind that FPL’s virtual assistant won’t be able to help you with more complex requests. For such inquiries, you can visit FPL’s website and find the support you need.

Getting in Touch With FPL Customer Service Online

On FPL’s Support page, you can find a variety of topics and self-help tools. Once you visit the website, explore the topics and find what you need assistance with. Check out the list below to see the different topics FPL’s website can help you with:

  • Billing & Payments
  • My Account
  • Manage Service
  • Programs
  • Business Customer
  • Save Money & Energy
  • Power Related Concerns
  • Using
  • General Support

Messaging Florida Power and Light Customer Service on Social Media

If you don’t want to chat with FPL’s virtual assistant or look for assistance on the company’s website, you can try messaging them on social media. You can reach the company on Facebook and Twitter.

FPL also has an active YouTube channel, so you can check it out and see if it provides you with any additional info.

Bear in mind that the company reps may not see your message due to the high number of requests they receive on social media. To stay on the safe side, you should either call customer service or find what you need on FPL’s website.

Contact FPL in Seconds With DoNotPay

Waiting on hold is one of the most tedious tasks. You can’t put down your phone and do something else because a customer service representative might pick up at any moment.

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  1. through your web browser
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  3. Type in FPL and click on the company name
  4. Click Call Now

That’s all there is to it! We’ll dial the company for you and display the average waiting time on your screen. As soon as a customer support agent picks up, the app will automatically notify you so you can get the answers you’re looking for right away.

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