How To Get a Fiverr Refund

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Don’t Throw Your Fivers Away: Get Your Fiverr Refund With DoNotPay

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelance services, called Gigs. The platform offers a broad scope of service categories buyers can browse through in search of a desired service and seller.

Buying and selling on Fiverr require registration, which is free of charge. Service prices range anywhere from $5 to $10,000.

Though the platform enables users to negotiate orders and make adjustments, sometimes buyers and sellers cannot reach an agreement, which may result in a buyer’s request for a refund.

If you would like to learn more about Fiverr’s refund regulations and how to request your money back, read on.

Fiverr Refund Policy

According to Fiverr’s Payment Terms and Conditions, the buyer may get a refund if an order is canceled for any reason, including not receiving the service, receiving a service not as described on the Gig Page, and fraudulent conduct.

You can cancel your order:

  • When it is active
  • Within 14 days of it being completed
  • After 14 days from completion (under special circumstances, when Fiverr finds it appropriate)

Before escalating your case to Customer Support, Fiverr encourages buyers and sellers to resolve all issues mutually via the Resolution Center.

Note that Fiverr Credits you used to create orders are non-refundable.

How Do I Request a Refund on Fiverr?

In case you want to request a cancellation refund on Fiverr, check out the available option in the table below.

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








Yes (Customer Support, the Resolution Center)
In Person


As you can see in the table above, if you decide to through the process on your own, your pints of contact are:

  • The Resolution Center
  • Customer Support

To request a refund via the Resolution Center, you will have to contact your seller about your order’s cancellation and work things out. To do so, you should:

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account
  2. Select the order you want to cancel
  3. Tap the Visit the Resolution Center button
  4. Select Ask the seller to cancel this order
  5. Choose one of the dispute reasons and explain your request in detail
  6. Click on Send

In case the seller declines and offers to modify the work, you can either accept or decline. If the seller is unresponsive for 48 hours, your order will automatically be canceled and you will get a refund.

In case your order is marked as completed, you won’t be able to access the Resolution Center, but you will be able to contact the Customer Support team and request a cancellation refund.

Note that you should first try to reach an agreement with the seller before contacting Customer Support. You will have to request an order cancellation from Customer Support within 14 days of your order being marked as completed and provide sufficient evidence for cancellation.

How Can DoNotPay Help Me With My Fiverr Refund?

Are you not getting your Fiverr refund back? Your robot assistant DoNotPay can help you resolve the issue.

If you tried all the options suggested by Fiverr and failed to get your money back, we will be happy to step in and help you.

All you should do is open a DoNotPay account in your and follow these steps:

  1. Under File a Chargeback, click Get Protected
  2. Provide the details related to the Fiverr order you are requesting a refund for and your bank
  3. Verify your request with a signature and submit

Once you have submitted your request to DoNotPay, we will contact your financial institution and dispute the charge. To further bolster your case, we will also send all the relevant VISA and MasterCard codes. If you so choose, we can also contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and request a refund on your behalf.

When Am I Eligible for a Fiverr Cancellation Refund?

You will be able to qualify for a cancellation refund if the seller:

  • Is unresponsive for over 24 hours after the order is marked as Late
  • Abuses the delivery system to extend the delivery due date
  • Requests additional payments by postponing the delivery of service
  • Withholds the service delivery for improved ratings
  • Does not deliver the work you agreed upon

What Payment Method Is My Refund Credited Back To?

Fiverr automatically applies your refund to your Fiverr balance, so that you can use it for another purchase unless you request that the money be redirected to your original payment method.

How Do I Get a Refund Back to My Fiverr Balance?

If you don’t want your refund added to your Fiverr balance, you can request a refund here.

Keep in mind that Fiverr has limited the number of times you can request a refund paid to your payment provider to prevent abuse and fraud, and such a refund may be subject to additional fees.

Does My Refund Cover the Service Fee?

Yes, it does. As of January 2019, the company refunds the total amount of your purchase, including the service fees.

If the service fees are not returned to your Fiverr balance, you will be exempted from such fees for the next Fiverr purchase.

If I Paid My Order With a Different Currency, Will My Refund Be Made in That Currency?

If you use a currency other than USD for your purchase, Fiverr will process your refund in that currency.

Can My Fiverr Refund Be Made to a Different Payment Method?

Besides crediting a refund to your Fiverr balance, Fiverr can only issue your refund back to the original payment method you used for the purchase.

Note that the only payment methods Fiverr accepts are:

  • Credit Card (VISA, JCB, MasterCard, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

How Long Does It Take for a Fiverr Refund To Be Issued to My Original Payment Method?

The time window for you to receive your refund depends on your payment instrument:

  • Credit Card refunds take up to 10 days from the date Customer Support processes your request, though in extreme cases, it can take up to two weeks
  • PayPal refunds usually take 24 hours from the moment your request is processed

Does Fiverr Enable Partial Refunds?

Unfortunately, partial refunds are not an option on Fiverr.

How Do I Check if I Received My Refund in My Fiverr Balance?

You will see your credit next to your profile picture in your Fiverr account.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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