The No.1 Fake Phone Number For Verification

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Burner Phones: Fake Phone Number for Verification

Getting unwanted spam on your phone via robocalls and unwanted text messages can be annoying. Every time you try to create an account with an app or build a profile, the phone number box is required, and you cannot move forward without it. You are never going to call this company, and have a real interaction, so why can't you bypass it with a ? Your options just opened up with DoNotPay.

Why People Use Burner Phones

When you sign up for a new app or create a new social media account, a phone number is almost always required. With a burner phone , people can sign up for these subscriptions and use a fake number to avoid any hassle or harassment later on. If someone frequents dating sites or uses a lot of apps on their phone, they can reduce the amount of spam that they receive by using a fake phone number app for verification.

Some people opt for burner phones because they want to maintain a certain level of privacy. Not having their phone numbers used, sold, and spread for texts, spam calls, and leaks is essential to their peace of mind.

Why Companies Ask for Phone Verification

There are some reasons companies are asking for phone verification to supply a secondary contact method for security purposes.

Security PurposesThis lets them know that you are a real person and can use two different types of verification to confirm this information. When you use a fake phone number, you may not be able to complete the verification.
Marketing PurposesThese companies also use phone numbers for marketing purposes, and they will use this information to continue sending promotions for new and improved products. Once they have your information on file, they will use text messaging and calls as a way to reach out and interact with you. For marketing purposes, they have a phone number on file associated with an account so they do not duplicate records.

How Else You Can Avoid Phone Verification

Those looking to avoid phone verification or keep from getting unwanted spam calls and texts on the main phone have done the following in the past.

  • Use Google Voice
  • Google Fake Phone Numbers
  • Buy Burner Phones
  • Use a Real Number that belongs to someone else

While it is not the most frequented option these days, Google Voice allows users to use a different number from their phone when they make a call. You do have to download this app and then open the app before making any calls. Some people even use Google to locate fake numbers on the internet and populate those numbers into their applications to avoid being contacted.

Buy Burner Phones

Some have gone as far as to purchase an actual burner phone with a phone number to have a fake number for verification. This method costs money and should be a last resort.

Potential Issues

You can run into some issues when it comes to burner phones and using .

  1. Some of the apps you use may not take your fake number due to their ban on these sites. If you try to use or connect with a number from one of these sites, you will not create an account.
  2. Another issue with using fake numbers or even burner phones is that you do not always carry them with you. Whether you left it back at home, work, or even lost the phone, there is an inability to verify and confirm your identity.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Any Service Without a Phone Number

The biggest benefit of DoNotPay is that you can use it with your actual phone without using your real number. When you download this app, you get access to a temporary fake number.

  1. Choose the company in which you are getting the verification and choose 'create a temporary number.'
  2. Use the temporary number to create the account you need and wait for your verification text to come through.
  3. The application will delete the text immediately after you complete the verification process.

After 10 minutes of receiving the message, the number will also be deactivated and unavailable again.

Virtual Credit Card

Like phone numbers, some companies require a credit card before you can subscribe to their free trials. You may want to use a fake credit card account for safety reasons, especially if you do not plan to have the service beyond the trial period. Also, it is easy to forget about the charges from these companies, which can leave unwanted surprises on your bank statement next month.

Like the phone numbers, virtual credit cards generate a temporary credit card number that can be applied when creating the account. With DoNotPay 's Virtual Card, you also get a temporary expiration number to fulfill and add any name or address to the card.

Expect a random email address to be generated, which will forward messages to your actual email address. Any tracking these companies are doing with the email addresses provided is saved with the dummy email address, and your inbox is clear from unwanted spam and junk.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

If you think that is all DoNotPay can offer, you are in for a real surprise. With DoNotPay products, you can:

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