Get easyJet To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

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Get easyJet To Take Your Complaints Seriously — Here's How

EasyJet is a British international low-cost airline headquartered at London Luton Airport. It offers airline services within the UK and various destinations across the world. Similar to any other corporation, EasyJet has established customer services where its customers can file their complaints. Various reasons would make you file . Regardless of your reason, you should expect them to listen and respond to your complaints as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, your experience with EasyJet customer services would not be as smooth as expected. There are possibilities of being held in waiting, unanswered emails, or unanswered letters. You don't deserve to go through this experience. With DoNotPay, you can file your the easiest way possible. We will reach out to EasyJet customer service on your behalf, file your complaint, and get in touch with their response.

Types of Complaints Against EasyJet

There are various kinds of . It usually depends on your experience with their services or an experience with their staff. Here is a list of complaints many people file against EasyJet.

  • Lost Baggage: This is one major upset for most EasyJet customers. The inconvenience that comes with misplaced luggage is usually the main reason why many people seek to contact their customer service.
  • Delayed Flights: Delayed flights have a subsequent impact on associated travel, hotel plans, and even work schedules. Most complaints about delayed flights are often associated with failure to inform travellers about the delay.
  • Uncomfortable Seats: When you have uncomfortable seats throughout your journey, you're more inclined to file a complaint with EasyJet customer services.
  • Hidden Charges: Many EasyJet customers aim to enjoy their low-cost fares. However, they can impose several charges, which increases the total cost much higher than expected. Many complaints against these hidden charges are not usually based on the amount. It's more of how they don't communicate, and people realize about them when it's too late. This would certainly prompt anyone to get in touch with Easy Jet's customer service to get a refund.
  • Refunds: If EasyJet takes a lot of time to refund your money, you may want to call their customer service to ensure that they reimburse your money in the shortest time possible.
  • Change of aircraft: When you don't get a notification about a changed flight or how to get to your new flight, you'll most certainly file a complaint with Easy Jet to be compensated or have your ticket pushed to a later travel date.

How to Make a Complaint to EasyJet

EasyJet has different means to file a complaint. These options vary according to the nature of the complaint you intend to make. You can use the following options to make your complaint

  1. Live chat
  2. Write to their customer service
  3. Send an Email
  4. Call their customer service

How to File an EasyJet Complaint via a Live Chat

Follow these steps to file your EasyJet complaint via the Live Chat option:

  • Visit the EasyJet Contact Us page
  • Scroll to the bottom right side and locate an orange message icon
  • Click on the icon
  • Start your conversation with the Easy Jet customer service team

How to File an EasyJet Complaint by Writing to Them

Follow these steps to write your complaint to the EasyJet customer service team:

  1. Visit their Contact Us Page
  2. Click on the Contact us Form link
  3. Fill in all the details in the blank spaces
  4. Submit your question

How to File an EasyJet Complaint via Email

If you want to email your complaint to EasyJet customer service, send an email to

How to File an EasyJet Complaint via a Phone Call

To file a complaint to EasyJet customer service via a phone call, Call + 44 (0) 330 5515151. Customer service agents are available from 7 am to 10 pm on Monday to Sunday.

Here’s a summary of how you can reach Easyjet

Ways to Contact easyJet Customer Support
Phone Number+ 44 (0) 330 5515151
Online Contact FormView Contact Form

File an EasyJet Complaint with DoNotPay

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  2. Select Skip Waiting on Hold or any option that best suits your request
  3. Select EasyJet as the company you are encountering challenges with
  4. Enter any other information that would help us create a solid case on your behalf

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