Start a Cubase Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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Start a Cubase Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Cubase is a digital audio workstation (DAW) for music and MIDI recording, editing, and arranging. It was developed by Steinberg, with its first release in 1989. is written in C & C++ programming languages and runs on Windows & Mac Operating Systems. With its comprehensive set of features, unrivaled sound, and straightforward tools, this music production software is sure to realize your music production goals.

Does Cubase Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. Cubase has a on all its products. The product trial version has no restrictions, therefore, offering a full range of functionality as the paid versions. You can download the product trial version from their product page.

Note: To download the Cubase Pro trial version, you'll require a USB-eLicenser, which you can purchase from your local dealer or the Steinberg online shop.

How Can I Get a Cubase Free Trial?

You can get a Cubase free trial if:

  • You're a new user.
  • You want to upgrade your current version, eg. Cubase Pro 10.5 to Cubase Pro 11

Before committing to the full Cubase version, a trial version is advisable. Follow the following steps to

  1. Visit the Cubase trial page on their website and choose a product to try.
  2. Sign in if you already have an account /Create an account if you are new by entering your email and password.
  3. Read through Cubase terms and conditions and privacy policy, confirm by clicking on the continue button.
  4. Copy the verification code sent to your email, paste it on the webpage and click continue.
  5. You'll receive an email from Cubase containing the download link, activation code, and download instructions.
  6. First, download the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) to start the free trial and evaluate the Cubase product features.
  7. Inside the Steinberg Download Assistant, you'll find the product you want to install. Download and install the product.
  8. Launch the Cubase product and activate it using the activation code sent to your email when the installation is complete. You'll also need to enter the activation code in the eLicence Control Center, which is auto-installed.
  9. With that, you can now start using your Cubase product trial version.

If you own a Steinberg/Yamaha product with a free version of Cubase AI/LE, you can go about the following steps to install:

  1. Download the Steinberg Download Assistant(SDA)
  2. Create an account (MySteinberg Account)
  3. Download and install your free copy of Cubase AI/LE using the download access code included with the hardware.
  4. Proceed with steps (8) and (9) above to start using your free Cubase AI/LE

Cubase sends you a step-by-step video via email to familiarize you with the software. This trial version expires in thirty days, after which you'll need to purchase it. If you were testing out an upgrade of your current purchased version after the trial version expires, you'd need to reinstall your previous version.

Does the Cubase Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No, it doesn't. You're not required to input any payment details while signing up, e.g., credit card information. Therefore, the merchandiser has no way of charging you to renew your subscription. However, the trial version will be disabled at the expiry of the trial period. To continue using the Cubase product, you'll need to purchase the paid version or upgrade from the Steinberg online shop.

Note: For Cubase Pro, the USB-eLicenser is purchased separately. You don't need to buy another one after the trial version expires.

How Much Does Cubase Cost After the Trial?

The latest Cubase software comes in the following full versions:

  • Cubase Pro 11
  • Cubase Artist 11
  • Cubase Elements 11
  • Cubase AI 11
  • Cubase LE 11

To purchase the full version, you'll be required to part with:

Full Version SoftwareAdditional for USB-eLicencer
Cubase Pro 11$630.56$25.93
Cubase Artist$348.56$25.93
Cubase Elements$112.79N/A

Cubase AI and LE are powerful DAWs bundled in a supported range of music equipment. There'll likely be instructions on downloading and installing Cubase with the purchased kit.

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What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Cubase?

Cubase allows all experts to upgrade their production to a professional level. Below is a list of alternatives you could explore.

NamePricingFree Trial
FL StudioFL Studio Fruity Edition:


FL Studio Producer Edition:


FL Studio Signature Bundle:


FL Studio All Plugins Edition:


Yes. Unlimited period but limited access to features
AudacityFree and Open SourceSoftware is free and open-source
MAGIX Music MakerPlus Version:




Premium Upgrade:


No free trial, but a limited free version is available
PreSonus Studio OneStudio One Prime:

Free Version

Studio One Artist:


Studio One Professional:


PreSonus Sphere:

$14.95/month; $164.95/yr

30-day free trial
Pro ToolsPro Tools:

Starting at $29.99 ($9.99 for students & teachers)

Pro Tools Ultimate:

Starting at $79.99 ($29.99 for students and teachers)

30-day free trial

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