Contest Columbus Parking Tickets Easily

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How to Appeal Columbus Parking Tickets Hassle-Free

Columbus is among the top 25 cities with the highest per capita income from parking tickets. The city charges hefty penalties for minor parking infractions that it makes a whopping $5,600,000 annually from parking tickets alone.

If you're illegally issued with a parking ticket in Columbus, the state laws allow you to within 10 days or risk paying higher penalties. This DoNotPay post takes you through the process of disputing a Columbus parking ticket.

How Much Does a Parking Ticket Cost in Columbus?

These are the in Columbus, Ohio, plus the penalty you can expect to pay for each infraction:

Parking on the grass in City Park$30
Individual parking spaces$47
Lights on a parked vehicle$47
Parking without a 10 ft. clearance$25
Stopping to obstruct street or crossing$39
Brakes not set or motor running$47
Parking for more than 72 hours$33
Parking close to a railroad spur track$22
Blocking a garage or driveway$63
A funeral service car parked in front of a church or funeral home$25
Displaying car for sale sign in prohibited areas$25
Parking for the purpose of displaying advertising$22
Parking with intention of selling materials$25
Parking for repairing, greasing, or washing$25
Parking without a permit in a permit parking area$50
Moving a car without loading space$25
Overtime bus, truck or house vehicle$30
Fail to display or register$50
Junk vehicles$89
Junk vehicles parked on private property$47
Meter spaces for vehicles only$39
Meter Non-Payment$30
Illegal parking$30

How to Pay for Your Parking Tickets in Columbus

Parking tickets must be paid within 10 days from the date of issue either through cash, money order, check, or debit and credit card. These are the payment options at your disposal:

1. Online

You can pay for your parking ticket online through a MasterCard, debit or credit. You only need your parking ticket number or license plate for the transaction to go through.

2. Mail

The other way is to send payable money orders or checks to the city treasurer. Ensure you've attached your parking ticket or vehicle plate number to the package.

3. Phone

Call the city of Columbus to pay for your parking ticket via phone through credit or debit card only. Make sure you have your parking ticket with you.

4. In-Person

Make a quick drop to the Columbus city treasurer and pay for your parking ticket via cash, money order, check, or credit and debit card. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Columbus Traffic Ticket Issuer Contact Details
Phone Number844-565-1295
In-person Payment Address2700 Impound Lot Road, Columbus, OH 43207
Mail-in Payments AddressCity of Columbus,

Division of Parking Services,

2700 Impound Lot Road

Columbus, OH 43207

Online Payment PortalCity of Columbus Ticket Payment Portal

Can I Contest My Parking Ticket in Columbus?

Yes, the city of Columbus gives you a maximum of 10 days to contest a parking ticket after it's issued. The appeal process is as follows:

  1. Administrative Review

At this point, you'll submit your appeal and a reviewer will go through it to confirm if the ticket followed the Columbus city code. You'll receive a notification of the judgment within 10 business days, and all the ticket actions remain suspended during this period.

  1. Hearing

If the review didn't go your way, you can request a special hearing by a hearing officer in person or online. The third-party arbiter looks at your parking ticket more closely and gives a verdict on your appeal.

  1. Go to Court

If the hearing doesn't favor you, you can appeal the hearing decision by an independent third party in a court of law. All city of Columbus parking ticket appeals go to the Franklin Municipal Court within 15 business days.

Is Contesting a Parking Ticket in Columbus Worth the Hassle?

Yes, appealing a parking ticket in Columbus, Ohio, is necessary to avoid blemishing your driving record. Parking tickets account for past and present motorist behavior that can be used to tell your time behind the wheel.

Evidence of Columbus parking tickets on your record proves you're poor at decision-making while on the road, which insurance firms look at when determining premiums. All this is to say, contesting the city of Columbus parking tickets is essential, even if it means going to court.

That said, it is easier to dispute a parking ticket in Columbus with the help of DoNotPay than to go at it alone.

Contest Parking Tickets in Columbus in Less Than 120 Seconds

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  5. Finally! You'll get an appeal letter containing state vehicle codes that you can use to boost your case.

It doesn't get any simpler than this! Once the DoNotPay AI Consumer Champion does its job, do a Columbus parking ticket lookup to know if you won.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Disputing parking tickets in Columbus, Ohio, is just a glimpse of what DoNotPay can help you do. Other areas the DoNotPay product can help you include:

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