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Clinical Trials in Cincinnati? DoNotPay Will Give You the Lowdown!

Clinical trials are a crucial step towards shaping the medical world and providing patients with the best treatments. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, finding the suitable one for you is no easy feat.

We will get you familiar with the ins and outs of the clinical trials in Cincinnati and help you sign up!

What Clinical Trials Are There in Cincinnati?

The city of Cincinnati has plenty of medical research centers. Their medical professionals conduct clinical trials to find a cure, reduce side effects, and research various health conditions such as:

We can also distinguish clinical trials in terms of its participants. Two types of volunteers are usually eligible to take part in a clinical study:

  1. Healthy volunteers
  2. People suffering from a specific illness

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Take a look at other benefits of using DoNotPay in your clinical trial search:

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What Are Clinical Trial Phases?

When you decide to be a participant in clinical trials, you should familiarize yourself with the whole process to feel more comfortable. Once a research facility brings animal testing and lab research to an end, it can continue to clinical trial phases that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to approve.

Some clinical studies have an initial Phase 0 when only around ten people participate and receive a small dose of the researched treatment. Then, a trial goes through four main stages:

PhaseKey Features

Phase I

  • Enrolling 15–⁠30 participants
  • Accepting healthy volunteers
  • Determining the optimal dose
  • Analyzing the treatment’s safety

Phase II

  • Accepting 50–⁠300 participants
  • Examining the effectiveness of the drug or treatment
  • Investigating possible side effects

Phase III

  • Enrolling more than 100 participants
  • Testing the treatment’s effectiveness and the side effects
  • Weighing out the benefits and drawbacks of both the standard treatment and the one being tested

Phase IV

  • Having hundreds to thousands of participants
  • Analyzing long-term safety and effectiveness is the primary goal of this phase
  • Researching long-term risks and advantages

Where Else Can I Look for Clinical Trials in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati boasts many esteemed research centers—one of them is actually a university. Apart from DoNotPay, there are a couple more options when it comes to finding a clinical trial:

Research CenterBrief DescriptionInstructions

UC Health

  • The University of Cincinnati’s website is dedicated to health
  • The platform offers healthcare services, training and education, a donate section, health news, articles, and events
  1. Visit the UC Health website
  2. Click on Research
  3. Scroll down to Quick Links
  4. Select Participate in a Study
  5. Fill out the form with your personal details and contact information
  6. Tick your Health Condition or select Healthy Adult/Teen/Child
  7. Tap on Submit

New Horizons Clinical Research

  • A center for clinical research with two Cincinnati facilities
  • The center conducts clinical trial phases I–IV
  1. Go to their website
  2. Scroll down to Learn More
  3. Select Interested in Participating
  4. Click on Access Form
  5. Tap on View Studies to see if you qualify for a clinical trial
  6. Tick the study you are interested in
  7. Hit Send Info
  8. Complete your personal and contact details
  9. Click on Submit

Why Should I Take Part in a Clinical Trial?

Motives for participating in a clinical study are numerous. Perhaps you want to take part in a trial because you:

  • Want to have access to new drugs for your illness
  • Would like to help patients get better treatment
  • Hope to earn some money while doing a good deed
  • Wish to contribute to the development of science and medicine

Other factors you should consider before making a final decision on taking part in a clinical trial are its benefits and drawbacks and how they could affect you:

  • Getting a good chance for a better treatment
  • Earning hundreds to thousands of dollars if it’s a paid clinical trial
  • Receiving professional medical care
  • Contributing to the development of medicine
  • Getting healthy meals, accommodation, and paid travel expenses
  • Experiencing potential side effects of a treatment
  • Getting ineffective treatment
  • Receiving a placebo
  • Examining a treatment that might not get approved by the FDA

What Should I Do Before Becoming a Clinical Study Participant?

After considering your intentions and researching a clinical trial thoroughly on your own, we advise you to talk to your physician. They might have some insight and useful advice based on your background and medical condition.

You can also contact a research facility to gather more information about a specific clinical study.

Before you officially join a clinical trial, you will get an Informed Consent form where you can read about the terms and conditions, your rights, and expectations.

Most importantly, you should know that you can change your mind and leave a clinical study at any time you want.

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