How To Find Clinical Trials in Atlanta

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How To Apply for Clinical Trials in Atlanta in Just a Few Steps

Have you gone through different treatments for a condition or disease you have but without seeing much improvement? Do you want to earn some money and help science? If your answer to one of these questions is ‘yes,’ then enrolling in a clinical trial can be the right solution for you!

Clinical trials test new drugs and treatments, and researchers often give compensation for participation in the studies. If you participate in a clinical trial, you could find a treatment that works for you! In case you don’t suffer from any disease, you can find paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers!

If you live in Atlanta, you can explore DoNotPay’s vast database of medical surveys, clinical trials, and university psychological studies to find the trials that suit you best!

Why Is Searching for Clinical Trials in Atlanta via DoNotPay the Best Option?

Instead of googling “clinical trials near me,” you can use DoNotPay and get much better service and well-organized search results! Our app is designed to help you get matched with clinical trials that suit your needs and interests. We allow you to adjust your search criteria, so you don’t have to waste your time on offers you are not interested in. You can set up the filters according to:

  • Safety
  • Your age
  • Location
  • The condition or disease you suffer from—you can find clinical trials for migraine, psoriasis, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or macular degeneration
  • Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • The amount of money you wish to get for your participation
  • A bunch of other personal preferences

The DoNotPay app has many other advantages besides an excellent search algorithm. You can bookmark any clinical trials and keep track of their progress. If you do this, you can be the first one to see when the enrollment process begins and take your place!

We have an extensive database, and we’re updating it with new trials as soon as they are registered. You can provide your phone number and get text notifications when new studies appear. This way, you won’t miss any good opportunities!

How To Apply for Atlanta Clinical Trials via DoNotPay

With DoNotPay, only a few steps separate you from finding the best clinical trials! To find clinical research studies via DoNotPay, follow these steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay through any
  2. Select Clinical Trials
  3. Click on Get Started
  4. Adjust the filters to your preferences—choose Atlanta
  5. Find the study you like and click on it
  6. Hit Contact

When you submit your contact request, we will reach out to the researchers of the study you choose. They should get back to you in several days.

Find Paid Clinical Research Studies in Atlanta

In case you want to receive money for your participation in a clinical trial, you can set up your search filters in DoNotPay to look only for those studies that offer compensation. Add the filter for location, and you will get the results for paid clinical trials in Atlanta in no time!

Where Else Can You Look for Clinical Trials in Georgia?

If you want to extend your search for clinical trials in Georgia, you can visit some of these websites:

  1. Clinical Research Atlanta
  2. CenterWatch
  3. Atlanta Center for Medical Research (AMCR)
  4. The Winship Cancer Institute
  5. Mount Vernon Clinical Research

What Do Clinical Trials Serve For?

Clinical trials are an important aspect of improving healthcare and people’s quality of life. Researchers conduct clinical trials for various purposes, such as:

  • Looking for better diagnostic procedures
  • Finding new ways to help caregivers
  • Finding out what side effects a new drug has
  • Improving the lives of people with chronic diseases
  • Discovering diseases in their early stages

Clinical Trial Phases

The process of conducting clinical trials is complex and can take up to several years. Each clinical trial consists of different phases:

PhaseNumber of ParticipantsWhat Researchers Do
0Fewer than 15
  • Give a small dose of medication
  • Learn how the drug affects people
1Between 15 and 30
  • Experiment with the drug dosage
  • Check for the effects of the drug
  • Test healthy volunteers
2Around 80
  • Test people with the condition related to the study
  • Explore new drug combinations
3More than 100
  • Compare new treatments with the existing ones
  • Conduct randomized trials
  • Perform advanced research into short-term and long-term side effects of a new treatment
  • Check for the benefits of the treatment

Before advancing to stage four, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration has to approve the treatment that was tested in the previous phases.

If you want to participate in a paid clinical study, you will get more money if you join the early phases. Keep in mind that phases one and two bear greater risks for your health.

Questions To Ask Before Enrolling in an Atlanta Clinical Trial

Clinical trials might be beneficial for your health, but they also bear a lot of risks. Because of this, you have to make an informed decision before participating in any clinical trial. Here are some of the questions to ask the researchers before enrolling:

  • How long does the study last?
  • When will I receive my compensation?
  • What are the potential risks and side effects?
  • How will my everyday life change during the trial?
  • Who will be responsible for my healthcare during the trial?
  • Will it be necessary to stay in the hospital during the study?
  • Can I tell my friends and family that I am participating in the trial?
  • Am I going to be reimbursed for additional expenses, such as parking fees?
  • Does the trial involve a placebo, and how high are the odds I will receive it?

Are You Eligible To Participate in Atlanta Clinical Trials?

To see whether you qualify for a clinical trial in Atlanta, you should check its inclusion and exclusion criteria. Each clinical trial has participation limitations such as age, sex, ethnicity, condition or disease, or previous treatments.

Before you start with a clinical trial, doctors might need to do additional lab and screening tests to make sure you can participate.

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