How To Enroll in Clinical Trials in Baltimore

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Clinical trials are currently the most important research in the field of medicine. They help scientists and doctors find new ways of treating and preventing diseases and health conditions. They also explore different methods for treating mental issues and improving the overall quality of life.

We will explain what clinical trials are and how you can participate in clinical trials in Baltimore with the help of DoNotPay. We also have a bookmarking option that will enable you to save the clinical trials you find interesting even before the recruiting process begins.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are the largest part of medical research that includes testing on human volunteers, focused on developing new medication and preventing illnesses. Apart from testing the new drug for safety and effectiveness, researchers conduct clinical trials to find:

  • New ways of screening for and diagnosing a disease or a condition
  • Methods to improve the patients’ quality of life
  • Ways to prevent the disease

Researchers start clinical trials by drawing up a protocol—a document that’s the basis of any clinical trial and that contains everything about:

  • The duration of the study
  • The methods of analyzing the results
  • Testing schedules
  • The descriptions of clinical trial phases
  • Eligibility criteria for potential participants

Some clinical trials, usually the ones in the early phases—one and two—offer compensation for healthy volunteers, and the amount can be anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In some medical studies, you won’t get paid—they might cover only your travel expenses.

There are four phases of clinical trials, and some of the basics are listed in the table below:

PhaseWhat It IncludesNumber of Participants


  • Testing the safety of the drug
  • Determining the dose
  • Studying the body’s reaction to medication and potential side effects



  • Determining the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Exploring the short-term side effects
  • Testing the methods of drug distribution



  • Collecting detailed data and evidence about the safety and effectiveness of the treatment
  • Researching the combination of the new drug and the existing ones
  • Testing the new treatment in various populations

Up to 3,000


  • Manufacturing and distributing the new drug
  • Monitoring the long-term effect
  • Testing safety over a longer period
  • Researching cost-effectiveness


Can You Enroll in Baltimore Clinical Trials?

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) conducts mostly cancer clinical trials, and the physician that is in charge of the research will decide if a cancer patient is eligible to enroll.

The protocol will always include the list of eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are the characteristics that the participants need to meet in order to fulfill the requirements to enroll in a trial. These characteristics often revolve around:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Stage of the condition
  4. Type of the disease
  5. Previous treatment
  6. Participants' habits regarding smoking, drinking, etc.
  7. Medical history of the volunteer

Researchers need to choose the participants carefully, categorizing them by health characteristics that won’t put their health at risk or affect the study results in any way that could be confusing for the researchers.

The University of Maryland's policy is to protect the rights of the volunteers, and this is regulated by the Institutional Review Board. The patient is eligible if they have the precise condition that the clinical trial is dealing with. By the UMMC’s standards, the criteria of eligibility include the details of the patient's disease, such as the prognosis, the stage of the disease, and the condition at the moment of the application.

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How Else Can You Find Clinical Trials in Baltimore?

There are many clinical trial registries that help potential volunteers find the studies they are interested in and connect with the research teams. You will have to disclose some of your private information there, so you should be careful about which websites you use, who is sponsoring them, and how your private information is protected.

These are some of the websites you can use to find clinical trials in Baltimore and Maryland:

What You Should Know When Applying for Clinical Research Studies in Baltimore MD

The decision about taking part in a clinical trial is a serious one, so you need to be aware of what comes with participation. Make sure you seek your doctor’s advice before enrolling in a clinical study. Your doctor is familiar with your condition, so they can help you weigh the risks and benefits properly and help you decide if participating in a specific clinical trial is right for you.

Every potential volunteer will be taken through an informed consent process, which explains all the details about:

  1. The purpose of the clinical trial
  2. The researchers’ role
  3. Your rights as a volunteer
  4. The protocol
  5. The possible risks and benefits
  6. Differences between the new treatment and the standard one

Once the doctors and scientists inform you properly, you’ll get the informed consent form that you’ll need to sign to participate in the clinical trial.

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