Clinical Trials Las Vegas Explained

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Learn How To Find Clinical Trials in Las Vegas the Easy Way

Clinical trials may be a great option for patients looking for cutting-edge treatment options or healthy individuals who want to help scientific progress and earn some extra cash. If you live in Las Vegas or nearby, finding clinical trials shouldn’t be a problem.

Sin City might be famous for its shows, opulent hotels, and slot machines, but it is also full of research facilities that conduct all phases of clinical trials. With DoNotPay, you are one step away from participating in clinical studies that are best for you, whether you are looking for short medical surveys or full-blown paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers.

How To Find the Best Medical Studies in Las Vegas With DoNotPay

If you try googling “clinical trials near me,” the search results quickly get overwhelming. There were more than 115,000 registered clinical studies in the U.S. as of October 2020, and finding the one that suits your needs and expectations can be a challenge.

That’s why DoNotPay created a search platform for clinical trials, surveys, and university psychology studies that makes connecting volunteers with researchers much easier. You don’t have to be particularly computer-savvy to make the best of our huge, constantly updated clinical trial database. The search process is easy and straightforward:

  1. Set up a DoNotPay account in a
  2. Log in and select Clinical Trials
  3. Hit Get Started
  4. Choose the search criteria according to your needs
  5. Select the study that looks appealing
  6. Click on the Contact button

The moment you hit Contact, we will notify the research team and start your application. The recruiters usually get back to interested volunteers in several days to discuss their eligibility and further steps.

What Makes DoNotPay’s Search Platform so Efficient?

Our app allows you to search for clinical trials based on expected financial compensation. Many people see participation in medical studies as an additional source of income, but whatever your reasons for applying are, you will be able to narrow down your search accordingly.

Among other filters, DoNotPay can help you find the trials based on:

  • Location
  • Placebo involvement
  • Date and time
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding status
  • Safety

Pick as many studies as you like and contact them right away or bookmark some for later. You can monitor the progress of each saved trial from the app, which is useful if the recruiting process hasn’t begun yet.

In the highly unlikely situation where you cannot find any good trials in your vicinity, you can leave us your phone number, and DoNotPay will text you whenever a new clinical trial gets posted. Well-paying studies can get quite popular, and this feature helps you find out about good opportunities on time so you can be the first in line.

What Kind of Las Vegas Clinical Trials Are There?

Given the number of research facilities in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, the odds are that you can find almost any type of medical study in your city.

There are many ways to classify tests on human subjects during clinical research. The definition of clinical trials that you can find most often describes them as studies that use willing volunteers to test the safety and efficacy of new medical treatments.

Based on the goal and scope of research, clinical trials can focus on:

  1. Testing new methods to treat various conditions and diseases, including drugs, vaccines, surgical procedures, etc.
  2. Finding ways to improve the quality of life for patients with long-term health issues
  3. Researching different risk factors for various population groups and ways to minimize them
  4. Perfecting diagnostic and screening procedures to ensure early discovery of various ailments and better success rates in treatment

Besides this classification, clinical trials can be sorted by the medical field or disease type, including cancer, diabetes, depression, plastic surgery, and many more.

Another important distinction between clinical trials emphasizes the stage or phase of the research.

Phases of Clinical Trials in Las Vegas

Before the tests of new treatments and procedures can start on humans, it is necessary to go through detailed pre-clinical research that involves extensive laboratory work and tests on animals.

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews the results and approves the next stage, research facilities organize clinical trials in three phases:




  • Finding the dose that can be administered without severe side effects
  • Determining the best way to take the new treatment (orally, intravenously, etc.)
  • Using groups ranging from 20 to 80 participants
  • Phase I success rates: 70%


  • Researching further how safe and effective the new treatment is in bigger groups (up to several hundred volunteers)
  • Defining the trial methods that researchers will use in Phase III
  • Phase II success rates: 33%


  • Focusing on the comparison of the test treatment with existing options
  • Randomizing test groups (some volunteers receive the test treatment, some get standard options or a placebo)
  • Usually the longest and the most extensive phase (up to several thousand participants)
  • Around 14% of new treatments get the FDA’s approval after Phase III

After the approval, most studies move on to Phase IV, where the researchers focus on long-term effects and general safety of the new treatment when it becomes available in hospitals or pharmacies across the country.

Do Paid Clinical Trials in Las Vegas Cover All the Expenses?

Most clinical trials ask for volunteers, which means that you won’t be expected to pay for any associated expenses, no matter if they involve medical tests, trial procedures, or even food and accommodation.

Facilities specialized in organizing clinical trials get financial support from government institutions, federal health institutes, or private pharmaceutical companies. In many cases, the research budget allows financial compensation to human test subjects for their time and possible travel costs. Compensation can sometimes reach several thousand dollars.

Payouts differ from trial to trial, so it’s best to ask about the financial aspects during the preliminary screening. Researchers must provide all relevant information and answer any questions you might have to obtain informed consent.

What Companies Organize Paid Medical Studies in Las Vegas?

DoNotPay’s search platform will be more than enough to help you locate any kind of medical studies in Las Vegas, but you can always supplement your research with additional sources.

Some of the companies that organize paid clinical trials in Las Vegas include:


LocationPossible Compensation
PPD8285 West Arby Ave #331, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Up to $15,000

Vegas Study

3059 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89109Up to $7,000
Clinical Research Center of Nevada1012 East Sahara Ave,

Las Vegas, NV 89104


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