How to Dispute Your Chelsea Parking Tickets Easily

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How to Appeal Chelsea Parking Tickets in a Snap

Chelsea is among the affluent suburbs in Boston, Massachusetts, but its glamor shouldn't fool you. The town operates under the Boston area parking rules, one of the most expensive in America. In 2018 alone, the city generated over $61.3 million from issuing the 1.38 million parking tickets that Chelsea had a significant hand in.

If you're wrongfully issued a Chelsea parking ticket, you can contest the Chelsea parking ticket's validity through the city's official channels. This DoNotPay guide explains the path to follow when disputing a and how the DoNotPay robot can help in the entire ticket appeal process.

How Much Does a Parking Ticket Cost in Chelsea?

The cost of varies depending on the extent of the violation. The table below gives an account of each parking violation and the cost you can expect to pay in each case:

ViolationParking Ticket FineLate Penalty Fee
Bike Lane$100$33
Bus Stand or Stop$100$33
(Zone A) Double Parking$55$18
(Zone B) Double Parking$35$11
Expired Inspection$40$13
No Valid Plate or Expired$40$13
Fenway Parking Event$100$33
Handicap Ramp$100$33
HP-DV Only Parking$120$40
Center Strip or Island$40$13
10 feet or less from a Fire Lane$100$33
Loading Zone$90$30
Unpaid Meter Fee$40$13
No Parking$90$30
(Zone B) No Parking$55$18
No Standing or Stopping$90$30
Invalid Resident Parking Permit$100$33
Away from Meter Space$25$8
1 Foot Over from Curb$35$11
Over the Meter Limit$40$13
Over the Posted Limit$40$13
Overnight Commercial$65$21
Heavy Vehicle Overnight$100$33
(no tow) Overnight Street Cleaning$90$30
Pedestrian Zone$100$33
Resident Only Permit$60$20
Street Cleaning$40$13
Street Cleaning$90$30
Taxi Stand$50$16
Weather Emergency$45$15
Within 20 feet of an Intersection$40$13

How to Pay for Your Parking Ticket in Chelsea

There are several ways to pay for your Chelsea parking ticket. They will likely already display them on your issued parking ticket. These include:

1. Online

The most convenient way to pay for your Chelsea parking ticket is via their online platform using your prepaid card – debit or credit card. You'll have to pay an additional 2.75% fee on top of the parking ticket fine as a service fee to the card processor.

2. Mail

You can pay for your Chelsea parking tickets by sending a check or money order to the city of Boston. Include your name and address, plus registration and ticket number for the transaction to go through.

3. Phone

You can pay for your Chelsea parking ticket via phone using your MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discover. Ensure you have your ticket number or license plate number for easy tracking. Also, you'll pay an extra 2.5% of the total parking ticket cost to the cardholder.

4. In-Person

Visit the parking clerk's office at City Hall to clear your Chelsea ticket fee using your debit or credit card, check money order, or visa. You'll have to pay an additional 2.5% fee for the entire ticket cost.

City of Chelsea Contact Details
Phone Number:617-635-3888
In-person Payment Address:500 Broadway, Room 209, Chelsea, MA
Mail-in Payments Address:City of Chelsea, Parking Violations, PO Box 505794,

Chelsea, MA 02150

Online Payment Portal:

Can I Dispute, Contest, or Appeal My Parking Ticket in Chelsea?

Yes, if you're issued with a parking ticket, you can dispute the Chelsea parking ticket through one of the following avenues:


You can dispute a Chelsea parking ticket via their online portal. Complete the online form and wait for an official reply within 10 business days. Remember to have your ticket number or license plate number and any supporting documents to plead your case.


Send an official dispute letter to Chelsea's official address detailing why you think the parking ticket is a mistake, and it should be declared null and void.


You can't appeal a Chelsea parking ticket verbally, but you can visit their premises and deliver the parking ticket appeal yourself. Visit the city of Chelsea at its official address, during office hours – Monday from 8 AM to 4 PM, Tuesday 8 AM to 7 PM, and Friday from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Is Contesting a Parking Ticket in Chelsea Worth the Hassle?

While a parking ticket may not appear on your driving record, it may affect other areas of your life, so contesting one is always the right move. If you fail to pay for your Chelsea parking tickets, your vehicle may be towed and the insurance provider involved. Not paying for a Chelsea parking ticket also lowers your credit score, especially if it's handed over to a debt collection agency.

Contest a Chelsea Parking Ticket in Less Than 120 Seconds

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