4 Steps to Follow After Getting a CCJ For Parking Tickets

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4 Steps to Follow If You Received a CCJ for Parking Tickets

A CCJ or a county court judgment is issued if someone takes court action against you claiming you owe them money and you did not respond in time. When a CCJ for a parking ticket is issued, your credit score can be affected for up to six years unless you pay the judgment amount within a month of issuance.

You will likely receive a if you fail to pay a PCN before the deadline. How long can a PCN be issued after the offence? The PCN must be issued within 14 days, and you have 28 days to pay the PCN after the parking violation. The CCJ may arrive months or years after you receive the ticket, and it can be difficult to appeal or pay. We will help you navigate a to avoid paying more than you should.

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How Can I Appeal a CCJ for a Parking Ticket?

If you received a , you may still be able to appeal it and pay only the parking ticket or pay nothing at all. A CCJ can be issued against you without your knowledge and may be issued several months or years after your penalty notice is sent.

Reasons to Appeal a CCJ

There are several reasons to appeal a CCJ, including:

  1. You never received the PCN
  2. You moved, and the PCN was sent to your old address
  3. You already paid or successfully appealed the parking ticket

If you cannot successfully appeal a CCJ, the court will require you to pay the amount decided by the judgment, and you may incur damage to your credit score.

How to Appeal a CCJ

CCJs are often decided in favour of the parking company because the defendant is not present at the time of judgment. If you believe you have reason to appeal a CCJ for a parking ticket as listed in the examples above, you may be able to request for the judgment to be set aside.

You can request a set aside by filling out an N244 appeal application form and paying a court fee. It is best to fill out your N244 appeal application and request the CCJ to be set aside as soon as possible.

A CCJ that is successfully set aside will not remove the initial parking ticket. If the CCJ is set aside, you have the option to appeal or pay the ticket. DoNotPay makes it easy to appeal a CCJ or PCN in minutes. We generate a letter for you to send to the county court or parking company to remove the penalty.

County Court Judgment Forms and Other Information
County Court Judgment DetailsCounty court judgments for debt: Overview - GOV.UK
Make an Application to a Court FormForm N244: Make an application to a court ('application notice') - GOV.UK
Pay a CCJForm N245: Apply to suspend a warrant or vary payments made by a court order - GOV.UK
Registry of JudgementsTrust Online
Trust Online Contact DetailsTelephone020 7380 0133
Address153-157 Cleveland Street



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