Cancel Crunch Gym Membership Fast

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Cancel Crunch Gym membership the easiest way

Crunch Gym is a chain of exercise facilities spread all over the country. They are known for accepting everyone, regardless of their shape, size, or level of fitness.

Canceling a Crunch Gym membership manually

If you wish to cancel the membership in Crunch Gym, there are three ways to do it. You can contact them by a form on their site, use your phone, or visit your local Crunch Gym and cancel the membership in person.

Canceling by a contact form

  1. Go to their contact page
  2. Fill the required fields with your info
  3. Make sure the subject is "Other"
  4. In the "Message" field, ask for the cancelation of the service
  5. Click "Submit"

Canceling by phone

  1. Call 1-866-428-9664
  2. When asked for the number, enter the number you're calling from
  3. Ask the rep for the cancelation of your account
  4. Confirm your identity with the account number
  5. If you don't have an account number, any personal info will do
  6. After you verify your identity, your account will be canceled, and you will be informed about cancelation fees

Canceling in person

  1. Pay a visit to your local Crunch Gym
  2. Ask a representative for the cancellation of your account
  3. Provide required information about your account
  4. Ask for any proof of cancelation

Cancel the Crunch Gym service wit the help of DoNotPay

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DoNotPay will deal with the cancelation of your subscriptions in a few easy steps. It's up to you whether you enter the name of the service manually or choose it from the list.

  1. Open the DoNotPay in your
  2. Select the option "Find Hidden Money"
  3. Type "Crunch Gym" in the designated field
  4. When displayed, select the "Cancel Membership" option

The app will notify you once it cancels your subscription.

Can you cancel withYes / No
Company websiteYes

Potential problems when canceling Crunch Gym services

You can cancel Crunch Gym membership after one year. If you want to cancel the membership before the billing year ends, you have to pay administrative fees for early termination, which will cost you $200. If the money you'll save by canceling is less than $200, we recommend waiting until the first year passes before canceling the membership.

Does Crunch Gym auto-renew free trials into paid subscriptions?

One of the Crunch Gym services, Crunch Live, requires users to validate their payment method before they can access the free trial. If you don't cancel Crunch Live after the free trial ends, you'll have to pay a monthly fee.

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How do the Crunch Gym’s charges look on my credit card statement?

CRUNCH202 800-547-1743 CAABC*CRUNCH FITNESS 800-6226290 FLABC*CRUNCH FITNESS 800-6226290 NY
CRUNCH202CRUNCHESSENTIAL600A 800-547-1743 NYCRUNCH100A 800-547-1743 NY
ABC*CRUNCH FITNESS 888-8279262 NYCrunch Gym NEW YORK NYCrunch Gym

Does Crunch Gym prorate its cancelations?

Yes, it does. However, if you cancel your membership before the first year ends, you have to pay $200 worth of cancelation fees. If your refund is less than that sum, it's better to wait for the first year of membership to end so that you can cancel freely.

Can I pause my Crunch Gym subscription?

Yes, you can. Although there's not much detail about it on the site, pausing the subscription is allowed. For more information, you can contact your home gym directly.

The best Crunch Gym alternatives

Life TimeFrom $50/month
  • Spacious locations
  • Great range of equipment
  • Many locations all over the country
Anytime FitnessFrom $30/month
  • Key Card system that allows access to any location
  • Good range of equipment
  • More than 3000 locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Crunch membership for free?

If you cancel your Crunch membership before the first year ends, there is a $25 early termination administration fee plus an additional $175. However, the cancellation policy of Crunch may differ based on your membership type and location.

Can I cancel your Crunch membership online?

It depends on the location of your gym. There are certain locations where members are unable to cancel their memberships and you can check it here.

Can I cancel my Crunch Fitness membership without having to visit the gym in person?

Using DoNotPay can help you avoid the hassle of going to the gym, making phone calls, and sending emails. All you need to do is fill out your membership information, and the robot will handle everything on your behalf, hassle-free!

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