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Cancel Blue Mountain cards in a few clicks

Blue Mountain produces original templates for printable and digital gift cards. They offer hundreds of creative designs, providing users with cards for every occasion.

How to cancel Blue Mountain cards on your own

donotpay how to cancel any service

If you decide to pull the plug on your involvement with Blue Mountain, there are several ways you can cancel your subscription:

Can you cancel withYes / No

How to cancel Blue Mountain cards via email

  1. Drop them a line at and request that they delete your account.
  2. Make sure to include your username and password in the message.
  3. Once the support team informs you that the account has been deactivated, try to log in one more time just to be sure your cancelation went through as promised.

How to cancel Blue Mountain cards via phone

  1. Dial 888-254-1450 to reach Blue Mountain’s support team.
  2. Explain your situation and follow the instructions you’ll get from their staff.

How to cancel Blue Mountain cards online

  1. Go to the Blue Mountain login page.
  2. Sign in to the account with your email and password.
  3. Click on My Account and scroll down to Subscription Profile.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription.
  5. Choose which membership you'd like to cancel and click on Discontinue Membership.
  6. Make sure to pick them up on their offer to send you an email confirmation once the profile’s been deactivated.
  7. As soon as the confirmation email arrives, you'll be removed from their platform.

Cancel Blue Mountain cards by letting DoNotPay do the heavy lifting

Instead of jumping through cancelation hoops manually, you can sign up to DoNotPay and let our app remove the subscription for you. Once you log in to your DoNotPay account, here’s how you can delete your subscription to Blue Mountain:

  1. Open the DoNotPay app in any
  2. Go to Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in Blue Mountain in the search bar and cancel the service from there

Alternatively, you can provide your email or bank account, and we'll identify all of your active subscriptions. All you need to do then is choose Blue Mountain from the provided list and give us the green light to remove the subscription.

Either way, all you’ll need to do is set the process in motion, and we will reach out to the service provider on your behalf.

Does Blue Mountain's free trial auto-renew into a paid subscription?

Yes, it does. Once you sign up for a free trial, you will have to cancel your subscription before that period expires. Otherwise, the company will automatically charge a subscription fee and take it out of your credit card. Keep in mind that trial charges are non-refundable.

DoNotPay stops free trials before you’re charged a single cent

virtual debit card

One of our app’s main calling cards is that it allows you to start free trials without worrying about being charged once they expire.

Thanks to our virtual credit cards and a bit of technical wizardry, DoNotPay creates a temporary account number every time you sign up for a trial period. As they never receive your real account number, merchants are not able to charge you unless you authorize the transaction.

DoNotPay also allows you to use temporary email addresses. This conceals your identity and removes all tracking opportunities, enabling you to enjoy the trial in a totally unconditional environment.

What do Blue Mountain’s charges look like on my statement?


Will Blue Mountain allow me to pause my subscription instead of flat-out canceling it?

No. As far as Blue Mountain's policies go, you have only two options—either stay on board or cancel your subscription.

The best alternatives to Blue Mountain cards

CompanyPricing Benefits
American GreetingsMemberships to eCards start at $4.99 a month
  • Card scheduling for up to a year in advance
  • Unlimited cards
PunchbowlMembership plans start at $1.99 per month
  • Loads of customizability
  • Affiliations with leading retailers (Amazon, Sephora, Home Depot, Zappos)
Paperless PostSome eCards are free while others cost $0.30 and up each
  • Great cost-to-quality ratio
  • A top-notch community of talented designers

Is Blue Mountain causing you problems? DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to them

Unfortunately, Blue Mountain has a bit of reputation for being stubborn when you try to cancel the subscription to its services.

Instances of people being charged with renewals following cancelations and their team ignoring emails are widely recorded—luckily, you can use our app to send demand letters to them if you fall victim to their careless demeanor.

As recipients of the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Access, our app specializes in small claims court and it can help you send demand letters to any company that wronged you in some form or fashion.

DoNotPay—your ticket to carefree subscribing

DoNotPay helps you save money by removing subscriptions to services you no longer use. We keep all active subscriptions in check and ensure you’re paying only for the services you actively need.

Once we identify an active subscription to a service you’re not using, DoNotPay will let you remove this unnecessary strain on your budget with a few clicks (or taps, if you’re using the iOS version of our app).

What else can DoNotPay do for you?

DoNotPay is by no means a one-trick ponywe offer a wide range of services:

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