How To Cancel ATT U-Verse Subscriptions

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How To Cancel AT&T U-Verse Subscription With Zero Fuss

U-verse is a brand that belongs to AT&T, one of the most prominent U.S. telecommunications providers. This service included TV, phone, and internet packages until 2016 when the company split it into three individual branches. After this, U-verse turned into a separate television service available to millions of users all over the USA.

How To Cancel Your AT&T U-Verse Subscription on Your Own

AT&T has occupied one of the highest places on the list of providers for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Features that U-verse offers may become insufficient for you, or you might face issues like poor performance or irregularities related to monthly charges.

Check out your options for canceling U-verse in the table below:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
Company websiteNo

How To Cancel Your AT&T U-Verse Subscription via Phone

Unlike some other packages available with AT&T, the U-verse subscription can’t be canceled by email—you need to call the company’s customer service. A phone line is over-engaged at times, and you should be aware that you might be put on hold for a while.

Here are the steps you need to follow to cancel your subscription:

  1. Make sure you have one of your U-verse bills around because you might need your account info
  2. Dial 800-288-2020 and wait for the operator to pick up
  3. Request a cancellation and explain the reason
  4. Provide the operator with the account number stated on your bill, as well as personal info—name, address, phone number, etc.

Once you confirm all the necessary details, the agent will track your subscription in the company’s system and provide a prepaid return label, which you will use to return the equipment.

The cancellation process ends when AT&T receives its gear back.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Let DoNotPay Resolve This Effortlessly

Believe it or not—there’s a way to cut a subscription without having to waste your precious time on lengthy phone calls and explanations.

DoNotPay will terminate the U-verse service quickly thanks to its amazing membership cancellation feature and notify you once the procedure is over. To make this happen, proceed as follows:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Go to Find Hidden Money
  3. Enter AT&T U-verse as the name of the service

You can also connect DoNotPay with your bank account or email address and get a full list of your memberships. Our app will point out the ones you don't use and help you eliminate them in no time.

Can I Pause My AT&T U-Verse Subscription Instead of Canceling It?

Yes—AT&T U-verse offers a special feature called Vacation Hold. In case you won’t need the company’s services for some time but hesitate to cancel the membership permanently, this might be a great option.

You can use this benefit twice a year, with a minimum duration of two months and a maximum of nine.

This perk isn’t unconditional—the U-verse package needs to be active on your account at least for a month before requesting the temporary suspension. While your service is paused, the system will record all the programs and make the recordings available to you once the hold period is over.

When you decide to cut the hold, you should call customer service and let them know to reactivate your subscription.

Potential Problems When Canceling AT&T U-Verse

The U-verse cancellation procedure seems undemanding, but you might bump into a few obstacles.

In case you cancel your subscription more than two weeks after the package activation, the company will charge you the Early Termination Fee (ETF). This amount decreases with every additional month of active service.

You should also know that you won’t be able to cancel U-verse if you have unpaid bills or any other debts related to this subscription. Before you decide to cut all ties with the company, make sure you don’t owe them anything.

What Are the Alternatives to AT&T U-Verse?

When you get rid of U-verse, you may be interested in seeking another, more suitable provider. Here are the most popular alternatives:



  • Entertainment—$64.99/month
  • Choice—$69.99/month
  • Ultimate—$84.99/month
  • HD programs included
  • Regional sports networks available
  • Free HBO Max for a year

Verizon Fios TV

  • Fios TV Test Drive—$50/month
  • Your Fios TV—$50/month
  • More Fios TV—$70/month
  • The Most Fios TV—$90/month
  • Several hundred channels
  • Customized plans

Is the Company Being Difficult? DoNotPay Takes Your Side and Helps You Send Demand Letters To AT&T!

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Apart from assisting you with terminating the AT&T U-verse subscription, DoNotPay will also cancel other similar services such as Hulu, Philo, Verizon, Spectrum, or DirecTV on your behalf.

We will also teach you how to report AT&T spam texts, cancel the full AT&T service, block their robocalls and fraudulent email messages, or get a refund from this company in case their services don’t align with your needs.

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