Can Your License Be Suspended for a Parking Ticket?

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Can Your License Be Suspended for a Parking Ticket?

Don't we all hate the feeling of discovering a parking ticket on the windshield? It really sucks. But take caution; unpaid parking tickets can feel a whole lot worse. Think twice before throwing away that parking ticket or taking too much time to make payments.

You are probably asking yourself, "Can my license be suspended for an unpaid parking ticket?" Read along to know the consequences of unpaid parking tickets and find out

What Would Happen If I Do Not Pay for My Parking Tickets?

The leniency you can be awarded concerning how long tickets can remain unpaid and the number of tickets you can rack up differs by state. That said, the following are the top consequences of failing to pay for parking tickets:

You will incur more finesThis is the most common consequence of failing to pay a parking ticket. Depending on how long you defaulted, your fines could double and sometimes triple.
Court AppearanceIf you take too long to pay your fines, you may be summoned to court, and the judge may order you to pay what you owe.
Your car may be bootedIn addition to being inconvenient, this is also very costly. In San Francisco, for example, you may spend as much as $465 for boot removal.
Your license could be suspendedIf you take too long to pay for your parking tickets, your license may be suspended. If you get pulled over by the police, you risk being arrested for driving with a suspended license.
Your credit score could be affectedWhen your debt is transferred to collection agencies, your fine will become debt, potentially affecting your credit score

When to Contest a Parking Ticket

The most common reason for fighting a parking ticket is having proof that no parking violation was committed. Here are other reasons to contest a parking ticket:

  1. The parking restrictions in the streets were not clear
  2. Faded street sign paint
  3. You noticed some missing information on ticket
  4. You were not the owner of the car at the time the parking violation was cited
  5. Someone else was driving your car when the parking violation happened.

How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

If you plan on fighting a parking ticket, do not make any payment for the alleged citation. Once payment is made, reversing it can be quite complicated. It would be best if you contested the dispute as soon as possible. This allows you enough time to make your payment if the case is not ruled in your favor. Ensure you make your appeal within the cut-off appeal window.

You can appeal your parking tickets online, by mail, or in person. Remember to keep your tone professional and respectful. If you get no response in 3 days, call the parking authority for a follow-up.

Will You Need to Hire an Attorney to Dispute a Parking Ticket?

If you are dealing with unpaid parking tickets and you have had your license suspended, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as you can. The lawyer will assist you in handling the consequences of the unpaid tickets and help you have your license reinstated quickly.

Should You Hire a Parking Ticket Attorney?

If you are sure that your parking ticket was unfair, it would be best to hire a parking ticket attorney. In addition to giving you excellent advice, your lawyer will represent you in court and handle all negotiations on your behalf.

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